Hello folks!

I have been writing an adventure for a new gaming group that involves =
the PCs basically being kidnapped indvidually and pressed into military =
service in the army of Jaison Raenech. The way I see it, Raenech is =
easily underhanded enough to do that. I also figure that he is bound to =
have some kind of alliance with Gavin Tael in Ghoere. What I am =
wondering is if he is underhanded enough to hire demihuman mercs? It is =
rumored that the Ghoere may be have talks open with the Gorgon, so the =
Ghoere may have the connections needed to set Raenech up with such =
troops, but would Raenech use them?=20

I know, I know, it is my campaign, I can make Raenech do whatever he =
wants. I am just interested in others' opinion.