No, it is MY mistake! I am not sure about DBA after all, but DBM IS going
to print. You may be quite correct about DBA.

I can see no easy solution around the problem you state below except that
as a DM you might tailor the battles according to the ability of the
character, or you might give larger modifiers in favor of skilled
characters and a "handicap" for the more capable players. I am sure a
simple system that would decrease your character's beneficial modifier as
you win (!) could be made. That would be interesting! I might lose the
battle inorder to win the war!


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From: Robert P. Hammond[]
Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 1997 4:24 PM
To: John Campbell
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Subject: RE: [BIRTHRIGHT] - War Card Randomness

On Tue, 7 Oct 1997, John Campbell wrote:

> DBA IS still in print as far as I know. The web-site indicates the next
> edition has just gone to the printers.

My error then. I thought it was permanently out of print and had been
supplanted by DBM.

Actually all of this leads me to another point I meant to bring up
earlier. One other misfortune of using more detailed combat systems is
that the player's skill and knowledge begins to supplant the character's
skill and knowledge. I game with many people but I am the only one among
the FRP crowd who plays a great deal of wargames, hence if the mass combat
system approaches the level of a typical wargame, most of my players have
the habit of getting wiped off the map (I know this from experience in
using the Battlesystem rules). As a result even when a _character_ with
superior Generalship and troops takes the field, the _player_ has to
conduct the battle. This is not a problem if the players and GM are
aware of it, but can lead to frustration if not taken into account.

Robert Hammond