I think thick card stock with the unit type on it would work great if you
can't or do not want to use miniatures. The best part of DBM (IMO) is the
lack of paperwork required while maintaining a cool feel for the use of

I know someone that made optional rules for use in a fantasy RPG (Rune
Quest). I will see if I can get permission from him to post the additional

DBA IS still in print as far as I know. The web-site indicates the next
edition has just gone to the printers.

How is "Battlesystem" better for important battles or ones with PCs in
them? Who makes "Battlesystem"?


Wargames Rules for Ancient and Medieval Battle 3000 BC to 1500 AD

URL for general info: http://www.byzant.demon.co.uk/dbm.htm

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Hello everyone, I've just recently acquired BR and joined this forum, but I
see I can contribute to this thread.

I've played DBA and when I saw the combat system in BR, I immediately
thought of adapting the DBA rules for BR battles. Its a very quick, simple
system and could be adapted with a few tweaks. The rules are easy to learn
and are designed to handle a battle with about ten to twelve elements on
each side. One 'element' would roughly correspond to a BR battlecard.
The only downside I see is that it is designed for use with miniatures,
which can get expensive, though I suppose these could be replaced by
counters. I also believe DBA is now out of print.

In running a campaign I would use two combat systems. A simple one such
as the battlecards, DBA or even the D&D War Machine rules to handle most
conflicts, but for very important ones, especially where PC's are present
I would use something along the lines of Battlesytem.

Robert Hammond