DBA and DBM are fast play miniatures rules by WRG from UK. They're extremely
easy to learn, and only deal with very few miniatures at once, which makes
them really good for resolving battles in Birthright. I haven't tried
converting the rules myself, but I am sure that it wouldn't be very hard.

>The only downside I see is that it is designed for use with miniatures,
>which can get expensive, though I suppose these could be replaced by
>counters. I also believe DBA is now out of print.

The rules are not out of print. I have seen new versions both here in Sweden
and in England.

Actually, the miniatures are extremely cheap compared to so many other
miniature wargames. You can buy an entire DBA 15mm army for between 4 and 18
Pounds (UK) when ordering from Essex minatures.

However, all the armies available from Essex are historical, so if you want
elves or any other kind of fantasy figures you would have to order those
separetely. The only Cerilian cultures I couldn't find good DBA armies for
was Brechtur and Vosgaard. But there is another kind of fast play rules
called DBR which focuses on Renaissance battles (Brechtur) and I know that
there are some Gengis Khaan type armies in the DBA rules (Vosgaard).

Some different possibilities with prices are (all prices in Pound Sterling):

Rjurik -

Early Saxon, 7.90
Vikings, 6.50
Norse Irish, 6.50
Anglo Danish, 7.90

Khinasi -

Arab Conquest, 7.90
Arab Empire, 8.90
East Sudanese, 8.90

I'm not sure where to place Anuire, renaissance or medieval, but there are
several different options whichever period you use..

All prices are from the February 1997 catalogue of Essex Miniatures, UK.
They take international mail orders, and they also have DBA, DBM and DBR
rules in stock. At least they had this past summer, when I visited their
factory show room.

Ooops.... sounds like I'm an Essex employee doesn't it... ;) Didn't mean to.
There are other DBA army manufacturers out there too, but most of them are
in the same price range.

Daniel, Sweden