I've been following this thread, but have been to busy to jump in....

As I've said before, I'm running a Birthright campaign without the
PCs running regents (although they deal with them quite a bit), and
instead being adventurers using Cerilia as a backdrop. Thus, the
things I desire reflect the different focus of my game. Here they
are in rough order of importance.

1. The Powers of Anuire (and perhaps even Cerilia): Detailed
information about the most powerful kingdoms of Anuire -- Avanil,
Boeruine, Ghoere, etc. One of the most annoying things about the
Domain books (although I really liked them for the most part), is
that they dealt with the least important of the realms. "Sure I can
tell you about Tuornen. Avanil? Um, the regent has a cool
birthmark..." We need to know about their histories, their families,
their claim to the Iron Throne.... These are the movers and shakers
of Cerilia, and if the Gorgon comes calling, these are the regents
who are going to defend the land from his depridations, not the
regent of Ilien. This should also include good, detailed maps of
their realms. My players want to be from, and allied with, the
important places on the map.

2. The Shadow World. I know that this is the works, but let me add
it to the list anyway. FYI, for my purposes I have assumed that it
was once an idyllic world of fairy-kind with the halflings being the
race that could cross freely between the two. All of the fantastic
creatures originated here, and the ones in Cerilia escaped when the
Dark Lord came and trashed their world. I just like the idea of a
halfling underground railroad.

3. The Imperial City. Birthright needs its Waterdeep. One of my
players created a great map for this place, and I've begun to
develop it myself for my players, but I'd love an official supplement
(I have money, but not time).

4. Cultural Guides for the different Races. This information has
been touched on in many of the BR supplements, but I'd love to see a
comprehensive guide to each of the different (warring) BR cultures.
What they value, what they like, what they wear, etc. Everything
that makes a world more "real."

5. A big boxed set adventure. I know that this has been mentioned
before, and I know that one is likely in the works, but I'd like to
just mention how valuable this would be to me. The big TSR boxed
dungeons have been exemplary. BR deserves one.

6. Adventures, adventures, adventures. Although this one comes with
an admonition. We certainly do not need any more one-note adventure
elements like the ones in Legends of the Hero Kings. While they are
interesting kernals, they are for the most part, totally linear and
without any real challenges for smart players. I call your attention
to the adventure in the Dungeon magazine -- Seeking Bloodsilver.
This was a great, exciting adventure for my players (although they
weren't fond of travelling into the Shadow World) with sufficient
complexity to keep them on their toes. A book of these would make me
eternally grateful.

7. The missing domains. It would be great to have information on
the remaining domains in Anuire. Electronically would be great, as
the Muden supplement was excellent.

That is it for now. I love the Birthright game and even though I
don't use the AD&D system for my campaign, I will still purchase
everything you publish.

Please don't make 1998's catalog as heartbreaking as 1997's. Three
releases over the course of a year are far too few. Twice that would
be too few as well. I sympathize with the difficulties of
publishing, but remember the gamer mentality.... Many of us wait to
see that a world is going to get deep support from the company before
diving in. TSR has had too many incidents like its new edition of
Dark Sun, and the Mystara setting, that they publish and then allow
to perish. We are waiting for a show of good faith by TSR that they
will let a world flourish before ripping it off the schedule.

I like the direction it seems that the game is going. Keep up the
good work.

__________________________________________________ ____
Jaime T. Matthew