I was just looking through the book of magecraft and saw they had
forgotten one spell.
While it mentions Detect bloodline derivation and Detect bloodline
strength they missed this one:

Detect Bloodline Powers
5th level greater divination
range 30 yards
components V,S,M
casting 1 turn
area of effect 1 creature
saving throw special
This spell detects one unknown bloodability of the target (first Greater
powers, then Major, and finally minors powers)
The material component of this spell is a 100gp gem of the kind
belonging to the derivation of the target. This gem has to be smeared
with a drop of blood from the caster.
While casting the caster enumerates the known powers of the target to
block the spell from detecting these first.
If the saving throw is made the blood doesn't reveal it's power, the
spell is negated. If the gem is pressed to a wound on the target
character and thus in contact with the entire bloodflow the saving throw
suffers a -4 penalty
At the end of the spell the gem crumbles to dust and the caster becomes
aware of one of the bloodpowers of the target (and at what strength). If
all powers were already known the jewel explodes doing 2d4 hp damage.

Jan Arnoldus