The current rules for battles are the weakest part of the game in my

I know there is some debate over how much BR should be a wargame and how
much it should be an RPG, but it seems obvious that a lot of its appeal is
in the ability to rule in addition to the rich world setting. If you are
going to have the Domain aspect there will eventually be war, so then the
question is how to best resolve this in a way that is not so clunky yet is
not a huge investment in time and effort.

Has anyone here played with the DBM or DBA battle rules? They seem pretty
good, very simple and intuitive.


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Brian wrote:
> This is actually not a strictly BR idea. I have found the war cards in
> the box set to be awkward and certainly not detailed enough for myself.
> They do not encourage much strategy or ingenious battlefield playing.

I find this one of the advantages of the the cards system - it forces
players to fight within the medieval paradigm, rather than applying their
modern sensibilities to the game. However I find the resolution system
really annoying and counter-intuitive, so I'd prefer to see it replaced
with something involving dice. Oh yeah. I'd also like to see the battle
mat expanded to 7 squares across rather than 5.

> Also, I think that seiges have a great potential for a combination of
> adventuring and wargaming.

Agreed. There's no really satisfactory methos of resolving sieges at the