The current rules for battles are the weakest part of the game in my

I know there is some debate over how much BR should be a wargame and how
much it should be an RPG, but it seems obvious that a lot of its appeal is
in the ability to rule in addition to the rich world setting. If you are
going to have the Domain aspect there will eventually be war, so then the
question is how to best resolve this in a way that is not so clunky yet is
not a huge investment in time and effort.

Has anyone here played with the DBM or DBA battle rules? They seem pretty
good, very simple and intuitive.


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Got to admit, I have trouble with the war cards as well. They're very
random and don't allow
for specific maneuvres (such as attacking from the flank instead of head
on) which means
that tactics and strategies which should give an advantage or which, if the
other side
is prepared for them or if they fail, should disadvantage a player don't
and the 'battle' is reduced
to a card game. Card games are fun but frustrating if you are looking for
a good, tactical wargame.
Apart from that, it's not too bad as a combat system.