> I believe in the Basic Set it was mentioned that psionists and psionics=
> not recommended for BIRTHRIGHT and I (sorry) tend to agree with that. O=
> course, the Hydra is rumored to have a psionic head ...
> Keep in mind, though, this is just my opinion and the way I am approach=
> the writing of my books. I think that, if you really want to have psion=
> in BR, you can make it work. (I believe the Deryni books might provide =
> ideas ... or am I misremembering?)

Well Ed, I could treat it like Dragonlance. The psionicists would have c=
ome from
a distant world via Spelljamming, and their decendants, unblooded and unc=
would roam the world as wild cards. Things that the Regents and the Gorg=
on and
his kin would have to deal with in the future.

With this setup, a villain trained in the use of psions could prove to be=
powerful enemy for most of Anuire. Or an unblooded hero that relied on w=
hat was
within could be the key to defeating the Gorgon and his kin.

Who knows?

=97 Elton Robb
"Your Generously Liberal GM.
I break all the rules."