Ed you said:

> Thanks, though, serious. I'm glad you like what I've been doing to the
> world Rich & Colin (along with Sue and Anne) created. I have written the
> Vosgaard campaign expansion (TRIBES OF THE HEARTLESS WASTES) and it's due
> to come out in December (a fitting time for a description of such a cold
> place). It is, however, in a DIFFERENT FORMAT from the other campaign
> expansions, however, for two very important reasons.
> First of all, the Vos themselves are VERY DIFFERENT from the other humans
> of Cerilia, as is their land. This ISN'T a land where a PC should be able
> to step in and take over a realm--the place is too tough for that. It is
> also not an area where anyone should have "easy access" to too much
> information. DMs won't want players reading about all the different realms
> and people of Vosgaard--though that might not have mattered so much in
> Anuire, Rjurik, Khinasi, or Brechtur.
> So, TRIBES has TWO books: a Player's Chronicle (32 pages) and a DM's
> Guidebook (64 pages). The books detail all the areas of Vosgaard (though
> Torova Temylatin only gets a little treatment--you'll see why, later), but
> in specific ways. The Player's Chronicle covers lands where PCs could, and
> should, rule. The DM's Guidebook covers everywhere else--and handles some
> new rules, a lot of new characters, and some secrets the PCs just shouldn't
> know about. I hope you'll appreciate this format; I think it really works.
> The second reason for the change was cost. The other campaign expansions
> sold really well for us (CITIES OF THE SUN is out of stock and the others
> are teetering), but they cost so dang much to print we were asked to either
> raise the price or save some money--we just weren't making a profit on
> them. Rather than jack the price up, we cut out the box. We wouldn't have
> done it, however, if we didn't think TRIBES warranted a whole new look.
> Believe me, when you see it, I think you'll like it--but I didn't want
> anyone surprised when they went to the store, so there it is.
I was wondering if Tribes had an adventure in the DM's book?
What are predictions of times for new adventures?