The Cerilian Times
Issue 33 (Winter/574 MR)

A Vaumel Publishing Production.
Edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
19 Imperial Street, Government District, Anuire City.

Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Bards.
Printing By: Royal College of Sorcery
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Keltier - Pasiphiel 574 MR


(10/10) Osoerde and Haelyn's Aegis launch invasion of Elinie.
(13/10) Osoerde forces crushed by Anuire Freedom alliance.
(23/10) Talinie takes control of Dantier Inland from the Siren.
(5/11) Cariele launches successful invasion of the Five Peaks.
(23/11) Mercenary attacks Giantdowns.
(25/12) Militant Order of Cuiraecen attacks Five Peaks.

The Empire of Anuire:

(3/10 - Aerenwe) The King of Aerenwe, Landen Swordwraith has continued
offensive against the Church of Storm's Height. Not happy with
their hold on the province of Ynis Craven's law he has now arrested all
member of the Stormseeker's Guild which is control by the Church. The
offices in Ynis Craven have now been closed and their trade routes out
the province halted.

(5/10 - Mhoried) A new radical group has recently gained some popularity
Torien's Watch province. The organisation is calling for the province to
secede from Mhoried and join with Cariele to form a great country in the
Aelvinnwode. The regent of Cariele, Mheallie Bireon has rejected such
claims saying that Torien's Watch is part of Mhoried and should stay
way. The members of this organisation seemed to be quite organized and
equipped and are also calling on the people of the province not to pay
taxes to the Mhor, until their demands are met. There has been no
from the government in Mhoried yet though.

(7/10 - Boeruine) We have just received word that the Boeruine People's
guild has sent an expedition down the coast of Aduria. What prompted
expedition is not know, but no other ships or land forces sent south in
recent memory have returned intact. The last such attempt was by the
priestesses of Eloele from Mieres who sent an army south to scout the
nearest to Mieres. None of there forces returned, and that expedition
twelve years ago was the last undertaken by anyone in Anuire. Our agents
have been in touch with the Boeruine People's Guild and we hope to bring
you further information in the near future.

(10/10 - Elinie) Osoerde and the remnants of the Haelyn's Aegis temple
launched a massive invasion of Osoerde. Large numbers of troops have
crossed the border and it is believed that they have now captured
and Osoeriene provinces.

(12/10 - Baerghos Island) A large force of men and ships from the
Peoples Guild has landed in the mountainous regions of western Baerghos
Island and set up a small settlement, after claiming the land for their
leader, Arien Borthein. There was no sign of the Seadrake who is said to
live on the island, so perhaps the monster has found a new home. Also no
word yet from Diemed who controls the forested lands on the east of the
island. They may be upset to learn of the guilds advances so close to
holdings. Arien Borthein could not be contacted about the settlement of
island as he is said to be busy in a retreat in northern Boeruine.

(13/10 - Elinie) The Elinie forces, combined with reinforcements sent
Coeranys have defeated Osoerde in a battle for Osoeriene province. After
bloody battle the surviving Osoerde forces have withdrawn out of the
kingdom. Haelyn's Aegis in Chalsedon is now the focus of the king of
Elinie's attention.

(14/10 - Elinie) The Haelyn's Aegis temple has withdrawn their forces
Chalsedon province and back into Ghoere. It is believed that they were
willing to take on the might of the combined armies of the Anuire
alliance. Baron Ghoere has had little to say on the matter, saying only
that the actions of the temple are in no way related to Ghoere's
towards Elinie which are completely friendly and that both Osoerde and
Haelyn's Aegis acted without his input or advise, which would of course
been not to attack a friendly nation like Elinie.
We have yet to receive any word from Osoerde on the attack, or what they
plan to do next.

(17/10 - Diemed) Diemed this month officially declared war on Medoere,
then failed to follow up the threat with an invasion. The duke has this
say on the matter.

For 18 months now, we have gotten hold of many reports that indicates
Medoere and some of their friends plans to attack us, and to make sure
that RCS are the only temple in southern Anuire. This is not
To instrument their plan they have apparently made many "friends" and
many spies in to my country. I have now created a new ministry in my
government to find, and arrest all of these individuals. Any
which are co-operates with Medoere will be closed down, and forbidden to
enter Diemed untill they again get my permission to operate inside my
borders. To world might also know, that I have given my government the
order to Declare war
against Medoere at the first sight of an aggression or another plot to
evil spells to control my subjects.
Duke Heirl Diem of Diemed

True to his word the Duke turned his armies lose on the holdings of
Tane, who he accuses of working with Medoere. The guilder however is
claiming that he had nothing to do with Medoere and these action are
of a greedy duke who wishes only to control all the guilds and temples
his kingdom. Guilder Tane also said that he will send messages to Endier
warn them that their guilds will be the evil duke's next target.

(23/10 - Alamie) During a recent speech the Duke had this to say about
current political situation in Anuire.

"Dear regents of Anuire and beyond, I feel that it is time to speak for
situation has grown dire. For years now I have observed the once Great
Empire of Anuire become corrupt and weak , backhanded alliances have
commonplace, Regents play with their armies as if they were toys with no
respect for the noble pursuit that is war. It is a sad time , I fear
evil forces lurk beneath Anuirean society. It has gotten so bad we
permit a
breed to lecture our great and high Chamberlain on the woes of
civilization. I want Anuire to become strong and noble once more, I
for a strong Anuire, one with leadership and order, one where the
have no place, one where we stand unified against such evils as the
and the Elf. Who stands with me?"

(25/10 - Osoerde) In a surprise move the Church of Storm's Height has
joined with the Brecht kingdom of Rohrmarch to claim the remaining half
Caelcorwynn, left unclaimed by Aerenwe. Many in Osoerde have expressed
disquiet about this collaboration between Rohrmarch and the church,
that it may be part of a bigger plan to conquer part of southern Anuire
Rohrmarch. Some are now calling on the king of Rohrmarch to publicly
declare his intentions for his holding in Anuire, and why indeed he
to have any holdings at all so far from his own kingdom.
The fact that only Anuirean settlers have so far moved onto the eastern
part of the island has quietened some of these voice, but not the
who are all asking what a Brecht realm wants in Anuire. One particularly
vocal noble recently called on Ghoere or Osoerde to invade the new
and claim it back for Anuire. Popularity for the Church of Storm's
has dropped dramatically as a result of this move by them.

(4/11 - Five Peaks) The wizard known only as the Eyeless One recently
a lieutenant, a Gnoll named Gorm to the province of Thasbyrn to claim it
his name. This claim had little effect on the tribes of monsters in the
province though and reports are yet to speak of any success by the Gnoll
claiming the province.

(5/11 - Five Peaks) Armies from Cariele have cross the border into the
Peaks to engage the forces of the various Goblin and Orog tribes that
dominate the land there. In a massive battle in Puniol province Cariele
defeated the armies of the Goblin King Anaxium and has set up a base in
province to make sure that the tribes do not muster more warriors to
them. The cost to Cariele has been quite high though, and they have lost
many good soldiers in the fighting. Some reports put the number of dead
high as two thousand.

(16/11 - Taeghas) The Taeghan Outfitters have just claimed control over
small islands south of Baerghos Island and are now claiming them as part
a new province, known as Ribos. This province has been claimed in the
of Avanil, although it is still unclear if Darien Avan or the guild
controls the province.

(25/11 - Mhoried) Mhoried has sent a force of over a thousand soldiers
Elinie to help defend the kingdom should Osoerde attempt another
These forces are now added to those sent by Coeranys and the Life and
Protection of Avanaele temple. Elinie is also believed to be mustering
soldiers, although it is unclear what they will be used for. An invasion
Osoerde is though to be unlikely though as that kingdom is protected by
massive Ghoere armies.

(2/12 - Roesone) In Roesone this month construction has just begun on a
fortress in Fairfield province. The new fortress along with the
of the Bellam castle now makes Roesone's northern border secure against
attack, just as Ghoere's southern border is.

(5/12 - Taeghas) Avanil has been strengthening the northern borders of
Taeghas this month, moving several units of troops from southern Taeghas
into the northern provinces. These forces do not however look like they
preparing for an invasion, but will be ready if one comes. The Taeghan
Outfitters released this unusual statement about the move.

Guildsmen everywhere,
rejoice! Do to the strong hearted efforts of our noble fellow guilder,
Arien Borthein, tradition is broken! We have heard, from the mouth of
once grand Archduke of Boeruine himself, that it is the strong arms of
merchants which protect his realm, not his own once feared armies. The
humble Archduke himself told me that "he has kept the monsters of the
Peaks from raiding my land and Rhuobhe has not given us any trouble for
some time on account of the strength of Borthein's armies." In the past
tradition dictated that it was the lords who led the armies, while we
guilders paid taxes to support their strength. All honour to Arien
Borthein, who has sundered this tradition, and humbled his lordship
him! I, being old fashioned, must admit to a fondness of the old ways,
in the lands of my lords nobles still command the armies. But soon, no
doubt, this new order will spread, and younger guilders will face a
new future without lords such as the Archduke was in his younger days to
hold them back! Celebrate the new order!

Facieles Sloere, Guildmaster of Taeghas.

(18/12 - Aerenwe) Many government officials are expected to journey to
Craven province early next year for the opening of the new Ynis Craven
University which has just been completed on the island province. Also in
the island province the Eastern Temple of Nesirie has recently opened
new shipyard, dedicated to bringing lower priced vessels to all of
It is believed that the temple may be interested in setting up a small
trading empire based in the province, similar to the one once controlled
the Church of Storm's Height.

(19/12 - Coeranys) The duchess recently announced an upcoming festival
though out the duchy. The festival is set for early next month, and it
not yet known if other regents from the region will attend.

The Duchy of the Coeranys will celebrate the rebirth of the year with a
Great Fertility Festival in Sarimiere. Amidst great rejoicing at the
of the new year, we will celebrate rebirth and fertility throughout the
land. Clerics of the Life and Protection of Avanalae will bless
lands and pregnant women. As well, many marriages will be celebrated and
all those married in the Coeranys at this time will receive medals of
commemoration of the event. Let all people of the land prepare to
celebrate spring and rebirth in Sarimiere.

(24/12 - Medoere) Orthien Tane has just signed a vassalage agreement
High Priest of Medoere, Lenviath da Enlien. The new agreement makes
Tane the only lawful guild in Alamier and Braeme provinces, while the
Brewing Company will retain its hold on Caerwil and continue to produce
wonderful ales and mead's that are becoming very popular across southern
Anuire now. In response to this move Duke Diem issued the following

My government have now started their work to throw out any individual or
organization who support the evil da Enlien against us. When we started
this work, we never knew that we would find so many traders among them,
when we think about it, they are of course the perfect spies. We
us from now on to be at war with Medoere. We do this because of their
repeated aggressions against us. We won't consider to make peace with
before the evil da Enlien publicly apologize for his actions against me,
friends and my subjects.
Duke Heirl Diem

Medoere's response to this move was to announce that their army will now
increased with the addition of a further two thousand new troops. The
forces are currently undergoing training and are expected to be ready to
defend Medoere against any invasion by next year.

(25/12 - Five Peaks) The Militant Order of Cuiraecen, now counted by
as the dominant religion in Anuire, has sent a large force of soldiers
the Five Peaks. This force however became caught up in the mess that is
Five Peaks today and ended up in the same province as the Cariele forces
who also recently launched an invasion. Both sides are now at opposite
of the province as their leader talk about what to do next.

(30/12 - Boeruine) The expedition sent to Aduria has returned
Both ships arrived back in port two days ago, still intact. It is hoped
that we will be receiving a copy of the captain's journal soon and will
publishing it so all can learn of what lies south of Mieres. From what
have heard so far though it sounds very interesting and dangerous at the
same time. According to one of the crew of the Caravel at one point they
were chased by a fleet of fifty large galleys, each armed with five
catapults. Other crew members have spoken of gigantic cities where
armies walked the streets and the priests of Azari hold sway over the
people's hearts. Archduke Boeruine is said to be reviewing the
and will make a decision soon on if to allow further expeditions to the
south by ships based in his lands. Already others are planning to send
vessels, including Ghoere and Avanil.

The Rjurik Highlands:

(1/10 - Siren's Realm) We have just heard of a recent attempt on the
Siren's life that occurred last night. Details are sketchy as we do not
have any agents inside her realm, but it seems that one of the nearby
kingdom sent an Anuirean night to attempt to kill the Siren and her
advisors. Several of the Advisers are believed to have been killed,
although the Siren herself survived. She may have been wounded though,
reports are not clear on this.

(9/10 - Halskapa) The king of Halskapa recently released this statement
about an upcoming celebration.

"I, Ranulph of Halskapa hereby invite all my fellow Rjurik Regents to
attend a great Forum and Festival to be held
in Skapa Hjarring on the first day of Summer. This shall be a chance for
new rulers to meet and for discussions
about current events to take place in friendly surroundings. I
wish to address the growing Anuirean
influence in the southern portions of Rjurik.
Entertainment will be a mix of traditional with a sprinkling of modern
there will be competitions aplenty.
I hope that all my fellow regents shall accept this invitation and
this celebration of the Rjurik ways.

(13/10 - Halskapa) Jan Jrustraad, head of the Three Trees traders has
in Halskapa in recent days and dropped into our offices to give a short
interview about his views on the future of the Rjurik lands. We have
summarized what he said below.

I think that the greatest threat posed to the Rjurik lands is the
of Anuireans guilds and temples into our kingdoms. Recently I have seen
people of Rjuvik enticed away by a priestess of Eloele, a goddess
foreign to the Rjurik way of life and our culture. Also the King of
just this month said that he would be making an Anuirean one of his
to replace those killed by the Siren....
.... He claims that he is seeking to renew the countryside of Svinik,
he now has an alliance with Bannier Andien, a man known for his
of the forests of Talinie. I think the king may have been bewitched by
money offered to him by this guilder....
.... He also recently threatened to remove my holdings from him kingdom
unless I paid over all my income to him each month. I notice that
Andien has no such tax levied against him. I don't see why the King
look after a money hungry Anuirean over one of his fellow Rjurik, it
no sense. Perhaps the problem is that the king has no sense and spends
his time in his castle counting the money paid to him by this evil
merchant. He has even made the merchants son one of his Jarls. This is
wrong and I call on all true Rjurik to through out this corrupt and evil
king who care more about his treasury that he does his own people....
.... Halskapa however is a totally different realm. When I arrived here
recently I could see the difference. The people were friendly and
and all seems to go well here under the rule of good King Ranulf. It is
good to see that the king also is concerned about the increasing
influence and I intend to speak with him soon to voice my own concerns
the problems facing our lands....
.... I will soon be setting out on a trip to Jankaping and Hogunmark to
speak with the rulers there. Hopefully they see as I do and will work
me. I intend on proposing to them an alliance that will bring together
the northern realms as one to protect and work with the priest of the
Emerald Spiral and work against the Anuirean Influence that is spreading
throughout southern Rjurik....
.... Soon I may take Fulgar the Bold's lead and buy a ship and head off
a life at sea away from the dirty ruins that the southern cities have
become. At least the air at sea is pure and clean and does not contain
foul smell of Anuirean merchants.

(14/10 - Rjuvik) In a ceremony attended by many regents from the region
Fulgar the Bold today handed over control of his lands to his lieutenant
Lady Dagmar, priestess of Eloele. After the ceremony the new Queen had
to say.

To the people of this great realm
I have seen us grow from a small village, into a great kingdom and each
more and more people make their lives in this land. I am a priestess to
the lady of the night. She that brings us rest and solitude after every
hard days work. To show that as we need our father Erik, but also our
sister Eloele. I now decree that no temple in this realm shall be above
the level of three. This will allow us to worship freely any of the
gods that protect us all. If any Temple other than the Oaken Grove of
or The Eloele of Rjurik wishes to build in this land, they must first
the government for a grant. I declare these to temple the rightful
of the spiritual beliefs of Rjuvik.

With many of the local regents sending troops, including the guilder
Bannier Andien it was surprising that there was no violence, but the
ceremony passed without incident.

(21/10 - Siren's Realm) It seems that the war of last season may not be
over. The Anuirean realm of Talinie has launches a massive invasion of
small province of Dantier Island. The entire Talinie fleet and over a
thousand soldiers have invaded the small island and are currently
destroying all traces of the Siren's rule in the province. The Thane of
Talinie had this to say on the invasion.

The Awnshegh known as the Siren has killed Talinien soldiers and taken a
vessel belonging to the crown. The lawful war waged against the Siren
a just and true one. The face of Cerilia is blighted as long as even
Abomination exists. No matter how pleasant its appearance have no doubt
that the Siren is a monster and needs to be dealt with. Bannier Andien
should be commended for his efforts to rid the world of this
The Siren has killed my men and as such I will take Dantier Island as my
own. It is now part of Talinie.

Talinie appears to have taken this action alone and without the support
the Rjurik nations that invaded last season.

(12/11 - Svinik) The king of Svinik recently released this statement.

To All the People, Jarls, Temples, And Guilds in this kingdom.

We are your King, Hruthvar the First. We have begun to build our land
a mighty doorway to the wonders of Rjurik. Each day we move closer to
being a stronger and happier kingdom. We are proud to call ourselves a
Sviniker and we are proud to call ourselves Rjuven.
We wish our land to stay true to our heritage yet grow to support its
people. So we now decree that from this day forward the provinces of
Darsruud, Haekholn, and Hvarliik shall never be populated above 2nd
and the province of Bergvass shall stay true to nature.
This day we appoint two new Jarls to replace those that were killed by
enemy. We name our loyal lieutenant Huntsman Rolf to the Jarldom of
Hvarliik and our allies son Rainer Andien to the Jarldom of Bjarnheim.
These two are loyal and honourable. We are glad that they agree to take
these positions and swear loyalty to our lands.
This day we also must declare that the war against those that are an
to our land will be stopped, in the name of peace. The Siren and all
allies that work to take from us and our neighbours have seen that we
not stand for it. All those that try to destroy our way of life and our
freedom will be punished by Svinik and its allied Brothers.
Our heart is gladdened to see that the Rjuven Alliance is still strong
after the traitors turned on us in the War against The Siren. We know
once this traitor is found we will be a strong union.

(23/11 - Giantdowns) A large force of some four hundred soldiers under
command of Cowan the Sword, the mercenary captain from southern Anuire
marched through Dhoesone into the giantdowns. It is believed that they
be attempting to take control of the downs from whoever controls it
We will update this story as soon as we can.

(14/12 - Giantdowns) The army of Cowan the sword has now taken control
Lemnjohen province from the small force of Rjurik warriors that watched
over the province from a small fort their. It seems that the fort has
fallen to the invaders, although much of this is uncertain. We will be
sending a scout to the Giantdowns and hope to have an updated report by
next addition. It does however seem likely that the Anuirean force do
have control of at least one province and maybe more. They have yet to
engage the forces of the White Witch or an Humanoids that may lurk in
area yet. How the local Rjurik population is taking the news of the
invasion is also unknown, although we hope to have an update on this too
soon as we can.


(5/10 - Rohrmarch) In a recent speech the king had this to say.

Dear fellow countrymen,
I feel with pain in my heart how you suffer under the harsh word of my
collectors, but lighten up. The end to thy burdens is in sight! As soon
the two northern castles are finished, the tax collectors will have less
work to do, for the taxes will be significantly lowered then! Take heart
and let us strain together to get these castles finished to lighten the
burden for everyone.

The King has also been busy working with an Anuirean church to settle a
land in southern Anuire somewhere. Some in the government have
these actions by the king, saying that while working with the Anuireans
King is turning his back on the people of Rohrmarch and leaving them
to another attack by the Gorgon. Some are also calling on the King to
disclose where the army missing from Nunkappel went to and what they
doing. Some family members of those in the army have said that the King
ordered his troops not to talk of where they have been to anyone.

(13/11 - the Burrows) Although reports out of Brechtur are still limited
due to the current war in Kiergard we have recently heard that the
Halflings of the Burrows have nearly completed a massive fortress known
Fellrock Castle. Using Dwarves of Baruk-Azhik to design and plan the
building the castle is said to be much larger and stronger than anything
seen in the area before, and already the Halflings are planning to base
large force of troops in the fortress to protect their small kingdom
any possible invaders from the east or south.

(13/12 - Kiergard) The battles between the rebels and the Gorgon's
seem to be dying down a little as neither side has yet made any gains
each other territory. Our reporter could not go too far into Kiergard
however due to the many dangers lurking in that realm. He did however
some of the rebel strongholds and noticed that the men there were very
equipped. Some of the rebels even had armour that looked more like what
would be expected in a more civilized realm. Only a few of the rebel
soldiers were equipped this way though, while the rest still wore basic
leather and chain armour as would be expected by a ragtag army such as
There have been no new reports of a massive force of monsters gathering
the north of Kiergard, so that may just have been a hoax to try and
the rebels into surrendering. They show no signs so far of doing that
though, and despite recent heavy losses have yet to lose any ground to
Gorgon and his allies.

(19/12 - Vampire's Hold) It seems that a guild from Rohrmarch, Frodrik
Foresstannen, has recently been working in the province of the Vampire's
Hold to bring the merchants of that land under the control of a new
This may not be welcome by the Vampire however and the guild may be in
trouble in the future.


(14/10 - Binsada) The Queen of Binsada has issued a decree ruling that
guilds belonging to the Hydra's agents in Binsada are now illegal and
be removed. Any trade routes into or out of the kingdom are to be halted
and all worldly goods of these agents are to be seized and handed over
the state. Already the guild in Ber Diaras that belonged to these agents
has been closed down after a recent raid by Binsada forces found illegal
activities occurring inside the warehouses and offices of the guild.

(3/11 - Binsada) The Queen of Binsada recently released this statement
about religions in her realms.

Our loyal subjects cleave to the faith of Leira. Therefore, it is only
right that other faiths do not receive the same honour in our eyes as
of Leira. So, from this day forward, all other temples must pay a head
based on the number of adherents they have if they wish to continue to
operate in our realm. Also, these faiths may not raise or station
of any kind within the borders of Binsada, and they may not build new
temples or other constructions, including fortifications, without our
approval. Also, in order to avoid conflict with the faithful citizens of
our land, the priests of other faiths may not attempt to gain converts
without special dispensation. Our advisers desired us to stamp out these
foreign and heretical faiths at once, for they have caused conflicts in
neighbouring realms. But we have stayed our hand and decided to accept
their continued operation in our lands, for the time being. I am a
ruler, but do not push this tolerance, or it will be withdrawn.

Banira bint Hamilah el-Reshid
Queen of the Binsadans and Sword of the Plains

(19/11 - Ariya) With the war with Aftane now over and peace a likely
outlook the people of Ariya are now turning back to rebuilding the
nearly two years of war has caused to the lands. The Prince has recently
announced several new expansion programs, including an opening up of
to trade with other nations, even as far away as Rjurik. Zikala has yet
comment on the Prince's new open door policy, although unofficially some
the Zikalan government have said that this could be just a ploy by Ariya
gain the finance necessary to rebuild its military to the point where it
able to attack their lands again.

(23/12 - Sendoure) There has been much recent talk in Sendoure of moving
against the rest of the Harrowmarsh, still under the sway of the Hydra
its agents. Talk now centres on a plan to drain the swamp although some
have expressed concern about this, saying that this would mean all the
creatures in the swamp would either die or look for new homes inside