There's been some discussion on what products should be made for
the BirthRight setting in the future. I for one would love to see
some good adventures. Sword & Crown was excellent IMO. It really
merged a traditional adventure with the kingly stuff of BirthRight,
and the actions taken by the PCs will have consequences for them
for years. Who to anger, Boeruine or Avan? It's a tough choice.
The Warlock of the Stonecrowns was also good, incorporating lots
of good 'kingly' plots, but was more of a dungeon hack than S&C.
Sword of Roele was a good adventure too, though the 'kingly' as-
pects of the game are not as important or pronounced here. I would
very much like to see some more adventures. Although I haven't
seen it yet, I think the ideas behind KotGD were very good, com-
bining a description of an area with an adventure. Perhaps you
could use this setup to sneak a peek at the Shadow World? I wouldn't
like to see a complete and detailed book on the SW (takes away the
mystic status of the SW), but a spine-chilling adventure there,
with some facts about the SW thrown in, not THAT would be something!
I also quite liked the domain sourcebooks; make more of them!
Is the Hogunmark release still planned, or has it been cancelled?
Anyhow, Brechtur seems to lack domain sourcebooks - make some for
the Havens. You could start by printing the Muden book; it's al-
ready finished and published on the web, so costs should be quite
low. I don't think it won't sell because of its net publication:
most people don't have acces to the internet, and those that do
would probably buy one too if it looks half nice - I can't seem
to print out that map, so the cover map (and heraldry of Muden!)
would be great to have. The other Brecht realms also could make
nice domain sourcebooks.
I would also like to see some more info on Cerilian (and more
specifically, Anuirean) history. When were realms founded, by
whom, who ruled it through the ages etc. Information about the
religions of Cerilia is a must; I cannot begin to think about
medieval Europe without the influence of christianity as a whole
and, more specifically, the Roman Catholic Church. As I like my
Cerilia to be as 'real' as possible, I'd like to see some of this
back in the game. Why did the temples of Haelyn in Anuire split
up the way they did? What is the difference in their beliefs,
masses, churches, outlook? I hope some of these questions will
be answered in the Book of Priestcraft.
I think therw is also some room for a book about the culture
of Anuire (perhaps in combo with the history thingy or with
the '98 repackaging of the basic campaign set). Also, tell us
more on humanoid (esp. goblins, giants & orogs) culture and
A book of Guildcraft or Lawholder's would also be nice. Perhaps
you could, in the guilder book, introduce some advanced rules
for trade routes; as they stand, I think they're an over-simpli-
fication. If it would be a bit more like in Civilization 2,
using the distance and goods carried, to determine the amount
of revenues.

So, in order of importance, I'd like to see:

1) A book on the culture and history of Anuire,
including religious and socio-economic facts
2) More adventures with a royal flair like S&C,
including one that deals with the Shadow World
in the way KotGD did with the Giantdowns
3) More information on the Goblins, Giants, Orogs
and Halflings (domain sourcebook: The Burrows?)
4) More domain sourcebooks (Brechtur, Vosgaard)
5) Book of Guildcraft
6) Book of Lawcraft

So, Ed, there you have it! You'd better start working now, because
if this isn't done by 1999, we'll send the Gorgon after you, frothing
from Mad Cow Disease!

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