I finally was able to get a copy of Book of Magecraft (great book BTW) and had some questions/concerns about Battle Magic.

While the concept is good, and is what the Wizard character in my campaign has been looking for, it seems a little powerful. Rain of Magic Missiles can be cast as a first level spell and requires no components! It seems like this spell would be much more powerful than say, fireball, a third level spell. Plus a Wizard could cast many more of them, then he could fireballs. This seems a little odd.

Some ideas I have:
- - Add material components, .5 to 1 GB for the Rain of Magic Missiles and similar spells
- - Increase the casting level by 2. This would make Rain of Magic Missiles a 3rd level spell. This has a couple of benefits: Magicians couldn't cast it, Wizards would have to be at least 5th and could not cast a lot of them.

I think the second option makes more sense. If a Wizard wants to greatly increase the effect of a spell, the spell level has to go up. Look at invisibility versus invisibility 10' radius, there is a 2 to 3 level difference there.

What does everyone think?

Chris Kirby

[BTW, the reason I need to resolve this is because I am running a mercenary company campaign. While these spells will help the Wizard, I don't want him to be able to obliterate whole armies by himself (at least not until he finishes claiming the source they have found and he has realm magic)]