Ed Stark wrote:
> So, TRIBES has TWO books: a Player's Chronicle (32 pages) and a DM's
> Guidebook (64 pages). The books detail all the areas of Vosgaard (though
> Torova Temylatin only gets a little treatment--you'll see why, later), but
> in specific ways. The Player's Chronicle covers lands where PCs could, and
> should, rule. The DM's Guidebook covers everywhere else--and handles some
> new rules, a lot of new characters, and some secrets the PCs just shouldn't
> know about. I hope you'll appreciate this format; I think it really works.

Excellent. This is my personal favourite format for a supplement. It keeps
the interesting information out of the hands of pesky interfering players

Land of Fate, which was the best TSR boxed set ever as far as I'm
concerned used that format, and it was great to be able to hand a book to
the players which contained the knowledge that their characters would
know, without the finding out that the Great & Poiwerful al-Fred the
Mighty was in fact a delusional Efrit. Or whatever.

How much is it likely to cost? I've always found the other campaign boxed
sets for birthright to be insanely expensive.