> The second reason for the change was cost. The other campaign expansions
> sold really well for us (CITIES OF THE SUN is out of stock and the others
> are teetering), but they cost so dang much to print we were asked to either
> raise the price or save some money--we just weren't making a profit on
> them. Rather than jack the price up, we cut out the box. We wouldn't have
> done it, however, if we didn't think TRIBES warranted a whole new look.
> Believe me, when you see it, I think you'll like it--but I didn't want
> anyone surprised when they went to the store, so there it is.
> Ed Stark

While I understand the reasons behind the change of format, there are a
couple of things wrong with it and with King of the Giantdowns.

1. It doesn't match the other sets on the shelf. I do not like inconsistancy
in look format or with other game worlds (like any Fogotten Realms product)

2. While King of the Giantdowns is an excellent accessory (good job Ed), the
one color printing is very dissapointing (I would also liked more on the
dwarves and giants, the book is for DMs after all, not the players). I
hope that the Vos books will have the same internal look and the previous

Birthright is simply the best game setting that has been published for AD&D.
As the best, it should look and feel the best. Of course this means that higher
cost, I for one do not mind paying a higher cost for a good product.


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