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>The second reason for the change was cost. The other campaign expansions
>sold really well for us (CITIES OF THE SUN is out of stock and the others
>are teetering), but they cost so dang much to print we were asked to either
>raise the price or save some money--we just weren't making a profit on
>them. Rather than jack the price up, we cut out the box. We wouldn't have
>done it, however, if we didn't think TRIBES warranted a whole new look.
>Believe me, when you see it, I think you'll like it--but I didn't want
>anyone surprised when they went to the store, so there it is.

I suspect one Law/Guild book would do, unless a major reworking of combat
system included (don't really want one myself). Some expanded materials for
domain events on the GM side would fit in nicely here as well, and tips on
administering them for multi-holding type realms.

I heartily approve cutting costs by cutting boxes (how about poster ads for
other products that nobody uses and probably do nothing to sell the product
- - the ad not the product).

Much better than increasing white margin-space or repetitive border scrolls
and text size, and including reprints of material already issued - not that
anyone would antagonize their customers by doing something so obvious.

I do hope you will not fall for the affliction that some game companies (who
shall remain nameless) do of jazzing up publications by including
watermark-style artwork that renders text nifty but almost unusable.

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