Hello, Adam Theo here,
yes, in addition to having the book of magecraft, which detailed mage
tactics of domain ruling, spaells, magic among the different races, and ley
lines, and the book of priestcraft which will(hopefully) detail the
different sects (not only religions) of churches accross Cerilia, detail
the religions of the non-human races, spells, roleplaying tips to play
priests, and new rule mechanic "goodies" for priests and curches. i would
like to see a book of guildcraft, detailing the guilds and guildmasters of
cerilia, tips for players on running guilds as domains, and ways to get
money for non-guildmasters. a book of warcraft is a definite must.
detailing tactics for generals on terrain the unit and other factors,
warcards, general tips for creating and maintaining an army and navy, and
new methods to run wars, giving either ways to be quick and general, or
lengthy and detailed, or quick and detailed.
books of crafts!
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