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>Mr. Stark:
>I noticed that in the King of the Giantdowns publication that you have
>switched to TWO COLOR printing instead of the old full color printing.
>Was this done just as a cost cutting measure? Are there plans to return
>to the old full color printing? It was much nicer and easier to read
Actually, KotG was one-color (B&W). We're shifting to 2-color for most BR
projects (to the best of my knowledge), mostly to save on costs, but also
because we felt many products just don't need four color to make them work.
KotG, though, got shifted over at the last minute, and we weren't happy
with how dark some of the pages came out.
Major releases for BR will definitely have four color or at least two color
for the time being.

PS: Please call me "Ed" or "Ted." The "Mr. Stark" thing is very nice and
polite and it scares the beejezus out of me ;-) ;-0 ;-)
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