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>To Ed Stark:
> Calis here, I bought the Cities of the Sun box set and unlike the
>other sets put out so far, there was no map which had just the provincial
>borders on a hard card. Was this just a bum box set that I bought or is
>there supposed to be one?
No bum set; that was a mistake we made and we've been trying to rectify it
for more than a year now. At one point, we were going to print the blank
domain tracking map in DRAGON, then we were going to put in online--then we
got bought and relocated. Currently, Sean Reynolds ( or is working on putting the map together for us so we can
put in on our website for you. I hope it gets done soon; I'm sorry it's
taking so long.

Ed Stark
Game Designer, Wizards of the Coast/TSR Division
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