During play, the regent of Ghonallison decided he wanted to organize
militia units that met together and trained once a week (similar to Brita=
Home Guard in WWII or, perhaps a boy scout troop with teeth).
They would still be villagers and attend to their normal duties but, in =
of war or invasion when the province was inadequately protected by
Tuor troops (or when said troops refused to obey orders not issued by
the Duchess) the villagers could form an effective fighting force. In =
the end, it
was decided that the raising of these 'units' would still cost as much =
as a
regular force to muster and maintain as the regent would still have to =
equip them
but that their skill would gradually increase from that of 'Levies' (the =
fine details
of this are still being worked out) over several years of training.. As =
had a large proportion of hunters and trappers in its outer regions as =
well as a
large rural population, it was decided that archers and scouts were an =
troop type. Any comments on how others would run the raising and running
of such troops? There has already been some interesting discussion on =
how to
raise the skill levels of troops.

In the same game, the regent of Haes (Count Montrose) wanted to set up =
a spy
network instead of just sending spies out on individual missions. To thi=
s end he
has employed a spy master (very expensive to obtain and maintain) to plac=
e the
spies in Alamie and other provinces and relies on a month by month report=
system for his information. He knows very little of what his network con=
sists of
(spymaster's insistence - security reasons) and nothing of who it employs=
the spymaster. Occasionally there are extra expenses (such as when the
spymaster wishes to place another agent - we're running this fairly close=
to the
Espionage action in regards to cost ) which the spymaster shows no need =
inclination to explain. Are there any other ideas or suggestions on how =
could be run?

I'd really appreciate your input.