Let's see...what do I want from TSR for my Birthright game? Well, there have
been a lot of good suggestions already mentioned, but what I REALLY want are
some DM tools. Like the CD-Rom maps mentioned last week, with icons and
drawing tools to keep up with armies and holdings, and all those other things
players like to do to their kingdoms. Or maybe even just a book of kingdom
maps, in B&W and easily photocopied, so players & DMs can write on them.
(Love the domain books. Got them all. But kingdom info changes too much to
write on the domain book maps and they don't photocopy worth a crap).

But even more than this, what I would really like is a database to keep up
with information. I run a game where everybody has a kingdom. And they aren't
neighbors; they're spread out all over the Known World. I've got somewhere in
the neighborhood of 30 NPCs that I have to keep up with every week. I've
spent the last two months trying to create my own database but my software is
about 10 years out of date, and it's been very frustrating.

So Santa Ed, I promise I'll be a good girl and I'll buy two copies of every
BR product put out next year, if you'll just think about the database idea.

Gotta run. It's the beginning of a new year in our campaign and I gotta get
those yearly planners filled out by all those NPCs...