> Hello, Adam Theo here,
> oh, awesome idea. i have always pictured Birthright as so much of a
> "historically rich" game setting. i am so disappionted that TSR didn't put
> more out on the cultures. in fact, that's an idea. tell you what TSR,
> i'll work on some unofficial cultural material, especially Anuire, which i
> can only picture as early rennaissance France.

Oh no. Definately Holy Roman Empire Germany. There's a very different

I've been thinking about Anuirean architecture (as a result of visiting
France & Germany this year). I imagine Haelynite temples as being like
cathedrals, with Fan Vaulting (probably discovered some time 100 MR) and
stuff like that. It's just a pity my budget doesn't stretch to
constructing Versailles. :)

> but to get back on subject, having the players feel pressured (as
> did the real-world countries did) to hurry and colonize as much as possible
> before the others did, is a great way to do it instead of the players
> constantly being invaded and threatened by outside forces. and having the
> western coast of aduria as the starting "battle-ground" is a great idea.
> wow, Civ-II, anyone? gosh, i love that game.

If nothing else because it pretty much forces players to be the 'bad