Hi everybody!

I'm still working on my starkly realistic and incredibly cinematic
story-driven adventure cycle (or, if you like, campaign) in Dhoesone.
I wanted to pick a time to play when the technology wasn't as advanced
as in the 16th century HC (fewer polearms, no rapier & main gauche,
etc), when the common people of Dhoesone still remembered they used
to call their land Hjalsone and were Rjurik, but the Anuirean nobi-
lity was too firmly rooted in the land and its traditions to do away
with. Kind of like early medieval England: (Anglo-)Saxon people,
Norman nobility.

But what I wanted to ask is: what do you all think the map of Cerilia
would look like somewhere between 999 and 1100 HC? I have some ideas
of my own:

- - Tuarhievel hasn't lost that single province
- - Alamie is still one realm
- - Diemed was far larger, incorporating Medoere,
Ilien and Roesone
- - Endier hadn't yet been formed so the Spiderfell
was two provinces large
- - The Dusk Man still ruled in what is now the Siren's Realm.

But what do you all think was going on at that time?
What about Ghoere, did it exist, or not yet? And what
about the Rjurik and western Brechtur realms?

BTW I like to use the year 999 because all the people
will get 'milennium scare' and such - the end of
the world draws near and similar ominous ranting.

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