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>The Warlock of the Stonecrowns adventure mentions an underground city which
>MAY be inhabited by elven followers of Azrai (or may be actually a goblin
>city - no one knows for sure), and there have been several letters on this
>list discussing a "darker" version of elf for Birthright. I've got the
>letters saved to disk somewhere, and if I can't find them, I'm sure somebody
>else has them.

Thanks I would really like to see what the list thiks.

>IMHO, I think darker elves would be ok, but I would avoid getting too
>"drowish". I really like the unique flavor of the BR setting. I think that's
>what makes it stand out from other TSR products.

I wasn't really going to go full drow, but kind of a dark/Azrai elf.

My thought is that since Azrai granted the huminoids priestly abilities
(seeAtlas of Cerilia, p6) to prove his power. He might have also granted
the same abilities to the loyal elfs. I am working on making it that only
those elves that stayed loyal to, and have the blood line of, Azrai; cn use
priestly magic. If you read Manslayers card it states that his skin is
dusky gray, like light ash. This would carry over to other elves with Azrai
blood, also his pupils and iries have vanished, maybe the lesser blood
streangth Azrai elves just get sesitive to light. I still want them to live
in the woods, but in a darker deeper version. I'm working on the entire
race and I'll post it when I get done.

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