> One of the things I've been contemplating for Birthright is setting
> Cerillia up for a colonial age - Cerillian navies discover new lands
> into which the various states of Cerilia expand. You could do a
> nifty riff on the Ilian Privateers vs the Gold laden treasure
> Galleons of the Avanian Main. It's probably a good direction for a
> campaign to take once the PCs have reached 12th level and carved out
> significant kingdoms for themselves.
> You could also have a large inefficent Adurian empire on the east
> coast engaged in a Great Game with the agents of Cerillian colonies
> along the fertile strip on the western Coast of Aduria fought out in
> the mountains of the Adurian Kush :) (That is the vague layout of
> Aduria isn't it? I'd be somewhat embarassed if I was misremembering
> the map.)
> It might make a more interesting alternative to having powerfu
> forign empires threatening Cerilia - players would feel a strong
> financial urge towards going out and exploiting these New Worlds
> before their rivals do.
> Any comments?
> neil chuck.taine@lsh.org

That's a cool idea, a very cool idea. It's not just Aduria either -
think of Djapar, the Dragon Isles, the islands to the south of Cerilia
whose name escapes me for the moment (something-el-Mehare I think).
Even Thaele, for that matter - mineral rich but with a very harsh
climate. Or Torova Temylatin, which could lead to the rediscovering of
the sielshegh of Basaia, which is kept on the island. There's an awful
lot of stuff you can do with that. I just wish I'd thought of it! ;-)

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