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    Espen A. Johnsen

    Tighmaevril weapons

    As metioned, the Tighmaevril weapons were made 500 years before Deismaar, before
    the blooded regents came. What if the elven smith who made these weapons had
    seen into the future and then made the weapons to "fall" into the hands of
    greate heroes or villans so that history would turn out for the better. For
    villans mabe he created weapons that were cursed in some way.....

    Just my GB in the pot.
    Espen Johnsen

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    Jan P. M. Arnoldus

    Tighmaevril weapons

    I hate to bring this up but as has been discussed earlier the elven
    smith made his tighmaevril weapons 500 years before Deismaar.
    So if the smith was still alive he would probably have made a lot more
    weapons before Deismaar since he didn't know the weapons could be used
    for bloodtheft beforehand. Even when he only made a weapon every ten
    years you're looking at fifty weapons. Ofcourse it is possible his
    supply of ore ran out.
    For a description of the metal I would suggest the Moraskor ore (from
    the Baruk Azhik sourcebook) being the main ingredient of the Tighmaevril

    Jan Arnoldus

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