One of the things I've been contemplating for Birthright is setting
Cerillia up for a colonial age - Cerillian navies discover new lands into
which the various states of Cerilia expand. You could do a nifty riff on
the Ilian Privateers vs the Gold laden treasure Galleons of the Avanian
Main. It's probably a good direction for a campaign to take once the PCs
have reached 12th level and carved out significant kingdoms for

You could also have a large inefficent Adurian empire on the east coast
engaged in a Great Game with the agents of Cerillian colonies along the
fertile strip on the western Coast of Aduria fought out in the
mountains of the Adurian Kush :) (That is the vague layout of Aduria isn't
it? I'd be somewhat embarassed if I was misremembering the map.)

It might make a more interesting alternative to having powerfu forign
empires threatening Cerilia - players would feel a strong financial urge
towards going out and exploiting these New Worlds before their rivals do.

Any comments?


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