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>I have now added a map of northern Aduria to my site so you can see
>where each of the empires are located. It is at
>I also intend on eventually creating an individual map for each kingdom
>and marking where all the provinces are but this will take some time. In
>the description of each empire though I have tried to describe where
>each province is.
>Any preference on which kingdom I should create next?
>I will be doing all of them eventually, but it will take a few weeks to
>do all this.


Since, Adam and I are abusing you brilliant mind to help create our
own version of Aduria, is it possible to see more of the eastern provinces.

I think I'm going to move your kingdoms down alittle to create a
larger no-mans land between Cerilia and Aduria. I also think I'm going to
move Aduria to where Nehalim is now and make Juh into small kingdoms still
controlled by Empire. Juh will move to the Unclaimed lands. Adam is making
his lands to the East.

I really like the Lizardman concept. But I've been thinking about
the elves left over in Aduria. I know you say that Bloodlines are very-very
rare, I pretty sure we will have them more common.

But what do you think happened to the elves that stayed supporting Azrai. I
know of Manslayer, but I am toying with another idea. How about dark
elves(Yes-kind of Drowish) Didn't Azrai give prestly powers to the
goblins? My idea is that he also gave them to his true elf followers. They
in turn darkened, like Manslayer. I'd like to hear everyone veiws on this.
I really want to try it, so don't smash this. Let try to work with this idea
and come up with a playable solution.

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