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    Newspaper Issue 32

    >From the Darkness we came.

    The Cerilian Times
    Issue 32 (Autumn/574 MR)

    A Vaumel Publishing Production.
    Edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
    19 Imperial Street, Government District, Anuire City.

    Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Bards.
    Printing By: Royal College of Sorcery
    Archive Site:

    Erntenir - Emmanir 574 MR


    (15/7) Rjurik kingdom sign peace alliance.
    (3/8) The new Rjurik alliance invades Siren's Realm.
    (3/8) Cariele defeated after invasion of the Five Peaks.
    (23/8) Invasion of the Siren's Realm Fails.
    (14/9) Aftane and Ariya sign peace treaty.

    The Empire of Anuire:

    (1/7 - Imperial City) This is the first issue of our new newspaper the
    Cerilian Time's. After a recent expansion we have now hired researchers and
    magicians from Brechtur, Rjurik and Khinasi enabling us to expand our
    services to include these areas. With the new expansion we have decided to
    also change the name and image of the newspaper to suit our new image. We
    hope to follow in the tradition of the Anuirean Journal and the Southern
    Anuire news and bring to you all the latest news from across Cerilia.
    As part of this expansion we are now moving our offices to the government
    district of Anuire to bring us closer to the heart of Anuirean politics.

    (1/7 - Diemed) In the Diemed province of Secluded Isle which is situated on
    the southern part of Baerghos Island, a new temple was founded recently.
    The new temple known as the Holy Sisters of Haelyn will be reserved for
    female cleric only and will work for the Baron in his new province.

    (3/7 - Albiele Island) A new kingdom has been founded this day on Albiele
    Island. Until recently the Isles had been nothing more than a haven for
    pirates but late last month the Halfling head of the Anuirean Trading
    Company personally lead an expedition south to the island and has driven
    off the pirates and claimed the island for himself. Just two days ago the
    new kingdom of the Darkreach Isles was founded on the island, after a short
    ceremony conducted by priests from a local temple.
    Head of the ATC, Solomon Deephole has been proclaimed ruler of the new land
    and has invited new settlers two his kingdom, promising freedom and wealth
    for all.

    (4/7 - Imperial City) This message was recently magically transported to
    our offices here in the Imperial City.

    "So this Caliedhe Dosiere fellow wants domains to take charge of the
    population overflow of the City of Anuire, so that new lands can be
    developed. Expansion, again! It seems Anuireans will never learn.
    Wilderness areas are fewer every year in Anuire. We don't need city
    dwellers to come and try to re-create their beloved "civilization". Quite a
    paradox: Anuireans love their cities so much they want to have them
    wherever they go, forgetting they left their original city because it's
    overcrowded, smelly and dangerous at night.
    It reminds me of a neighbour of mine who had 165 cute little children.
    There wasn't enough space to keep them all home, so he sent them away to
    discover new lands, just as M. Dosiere proposes. Now my neighbour is a
    rabbit, and a pretty good proportion of his children get eaten by wolves (I
    know it's a sad story, but that's beside the point). Now Anuireans come
    with spears and swords, so the wolves can't eat them. So the people do the
    job themselves: they begin killing each other, like those fellows in Alamie
    and Tuornen.
    What I mean to tell M. Dosiere in his stone palace and all you smart
    regents is this: If you're really into the peace business, keep your people
    home and learn to make cities people can actually live in.

    Aelies of the Erebannien

    (5/7 - Five Peaks) Our agents recently found this message attached to a
    tree in the Five Peaks.

    "by Order of the Eyeless One!

    It has been discovered that the temple network calling itself 'Vos of the
    Five Peaks' has for years been gathering scions of all bloodlines into its
    membership, virtually all of their priests and many of their worshipers
    carry some bloodline. Their goal is to replace the rulers of nearby lands
    with priests of their evil gods, and turn these lands over to the Gorgon.
    As such, this temple is hereby expelled from the Five Peaks, and the lives
    of all priests and followers forfeit.

    the Eyeless One

    This could explain the recent upheaval in the that wild mountain land. It
    appears as though someone or something had been fighting in the area
    recently. Large numbers of dead Goblins and Humans were found by you agent.
    In the distance he also say a large group of Goblins heading southwards
    toward and dark looking temple built up against a hill side. After our
    agent examined the dead he found that the Goblin seemed to be wearing a
    uniform of some sort, with the symbol of a clenched fist roughly painted
    onto the front. The Human were also not the standard bandits you would
    expect from the Five Peaks and appeared to have been well equipped mounted
    troops, perhaps even knights. By the cut of their clothing and the
    craftsmanship of their weapons he judged them to be from Alamie or maybe
    even further south. What these knights were doing in the Five Peaks is
    still a mystery.

    (14/7 - Osoerde) A small force of CSH soldiers has surrounded the holdings
    of Rournil's Celestial Spell in Spirit's End province. After a short fight
    the priests of Ruornil were removed from the temple and escorted out of the
    province while the CSH troops began removing all trace of them from the
    temple. Although this move appears to be unrelated with happenings in other
    kingdom it may be part of a larger plot against the ruler of Medoere who
    appears to have collected a lot of enemies in recent years.

    (15/7 - Medoere) A single galleon flying the colours of Diemed has raided
    southern Medoere. Although little damage was done in the raid the High
    Priest was most upset about this action and order his own small navy out to
    sea to take care of any future attempts at raiding his kingdom. He has also
    called on Baron Diem to stop to foolish attacks on his kingdom and to start
    talking peace.
    Baron Diem has so far not commented on the raid, but source close to the
    Baron have claimed that the raid was not committed by Diemed, but rather
    another kingdom wishing to start a war between the two nations.

    (23/7 - Alamie) The following announcement has been released by Duke Alam
    of Alamie.

    Any couple that marry in Alamie will be given the opportunity to take out a
    state loan. If this couple produce one child 25% of the loan will be
    deducted, for two children 50% of the original loan, and so on up to 4
    Beyond four children a fertile mother will be given :
    A bronze medal for 6 Kids
    A silver medal for 8 kids
    and A Gold medal for 10 kids

    (3/8 - Cariele) Cariele has launched a full invasion of the Five Peaks with
    a large number of troops. Unfortunately the invasion did not go well. It
    seems that the monsters of the province of Puinol, added by priests of some
    dark religion rose up against the invading army in vast numbers. Some
    reports even speak of up to five thousand goblins, Orog, and Ogres marching
    to do battle with Cariele. Faced with defeat the smaller Cariele army has
    withdrawn back to their kingdom to await the arrival of reinforcements from
    Tuornen where they had been withdrawn from just a couple of weeks ago.

    (7/8 - Cariele) A large number of Goblin and Human raiders have crossed
    into the Cariele province of Riverford. Fortunately for Cariele the
    invading force was met by the army withdrawing from the Five Peaks and
    after a short battle the raiders were forced to flee. Cariele losses were
    said to be light, compared to the large numbers of Goblin who now lay dead
    on the river banks. The raiders are believed to have come from Thurazor and
    one of the Rjurik lands.

    (9/8 - Brosengae) The Duchess of Brosengae has now become the third regent
    to offer inducements for the poor of the Imperial City to move to their
    kingdoms. Her offer follows that of Marcus Dern of Talinie and Duke Alam
    who recently set up a complex loan system to help young families build
    their lives in Alamie.

    (13/8 - Mhoried) In the Mhoried capital of Bevaldruor as new statue has
    been commissioned to celebrate the Anuire Freedom Alliance which was signed
    some time ago between Mhoried, Elinie, and Coeranys. The famous sculptor
    Alrando Deirume has been employed to do the work and it is expected to be
    finished before the end of the season.

    (15/8 - Mieres) The colony of Mieres has expanded yet again, now creating a
    new province in the unclaimed lands to the west of Mieres. The new province
    will be known as Sea Hills and new settlers are being encouraged to more
    into that direction. Some have considered expanding in that direction to be
    a mistake as it may draw the attention of the Adurian kingdom of Ornasis
    which lies only a short distance to the west of Mieres.

    (27/8 - Osoerde) The duchy of Osoerde has increased the size of its
    military quite dramatically over recent weeks. It is believe that they have
    added somewhere between one and two thousand soldiers to their already
    large army. Messengers have also been seen riding between Ghoere and
    Osoerde quite often recently so it is now obvious that something is in the

    (13/9 - Aerenwe) After a short siege by Aerenwe troop the forces loyal to
    the Church of Storm's Height in the province of Ynis Craven have been
    arrested and construction on the fortress they were build halted. This is
    continuation of a long period of trouble between Aerenwe and the church
    from Osoerde which began when King Landen elevated the Eastern Temple of
    Nesirie to the position of Official Church of the kingdom of Aerenwe. There
    is yet to be any response to the latest action by King Landen from the
    priests of CSH. Moerel Cwllmie, high preacher of the ETN who was in the
    province to assist the king had this to say about the siege.

    "My order is tolerant. Each man and each woman follows who he and she
    wants, but to accuse the Sea Goddess as the wrong goddess leaves me with no
    other option, but to help King Landen with his peaceful siege. As serene as
    one may be, there's always someone to reap the storms."

    (19/9 - Baruk-Azhik) Mhistecai, the mage of Mieres has recently been seen
    in Baruk-Azhik talking to the Overthane, Grimm Greybeard. What these
    discussions were about is not known, but the mage is certainly a long way
    from her home something of great importance must have been discussed. Also
    in Baruk-Azhik recently was an ambassador from Rohrmarch. It is believed
    that he was seeking an alliance with Baruk-Azhik. He had to leave
    disappointed however as the Dwarves rejected Rohrmarch's proposal choosing
    instead to remain isolated from the politics of the surrounding lands.

    (21/9 - Mhoried) The government of Mhoried has constructed a new bridge
    crossing the Maesil river from Maesilar to Sendouras. The new stone bridge
    will allow the easy transport of troops and good between the two kingdom.
    As part of this project a new roads has been finished between Bevaldruor to
    the north and Maesilar. This road will be completed by the end of this
    month and will join up to the newly completed bridge.

    (26/9 - Alamie) The province of Deseirain has finally been freed from the
    mist that cloaked it after Caine, the Wizard of Endier warded the province
    against all who attempted to enter it. Duke Alam's officials are already
    heading to the province to repair the damage created by Caine and his
    allies in the past few months.

    The Rjurik Highlands:

    (15/7 - Jankaping) This message has been distributed throughout Rjurik
    lands by the bards of Jankaping.

    "Great changes seem to have befallen the Rjurik realms. The southern
    kingdoms on the Taelshore have begun the construction of great courts and
    walled cities turning their backs on the traditional ways of the Rjurik and
    the True Teachings of Eric as taught by our druids of the Emerald Spiral.
    I have noticed that several tribes of the southern kingdoms are fed up by
    the urban Rjuriks' talk of so-called civilization and social grandeur and
    wish to leave for places where Nature is still wild and free. I welcome
    these tribes in my kingdom, but I ask them to settle throughout Jankaping
    and far apart following the instructions of the druids of the Emerald
    Spiral that stand ready to ensure that the harmony between man and Nature
    remains balanced. We shall not make the mistakes of the south by building
    great walled cities, raise our axes to chop down trees for profit, or
    follow the "civilization" teachings of the Far South. We shall live as we
    have always lived: As honourable hunters and fishermen with a deep respect
    of Nature and love for our family and fellow

    So said King Alnor of Jankaping."

    (24/7 - Svinik) This statement was recently released by the King of Svinik,
    about a new treaty between the Rjurik kingdoms.

    To form a stronger Rjurik this treaty is put forth.
    Those that names follow are bound by honour, by blood, and by the gods we
    descend from to keep each other safe from all aggressors.

    Each Regent will come to the aid of each other at any time if the needed.
    Each Regent will assist each other in protecting the land from anyone that
    wishes to take it from us.
    Each Regent will support the beliefs and ideals of our land.
    We will stand together as One.

    Signed this Day by

    Svinik- I, King Hruthvar, sign this in the name of the people of Svinik
    Stjordvik- I, Gundred Regent of this land, do hereby affix my seal onto
    this treaty, hereby helping to create the "Rjurik Brotherhood"
    Rjuvik-I, Fulgar the Bold Lord of Rjuvik and I, High Priestess Dagmar of
    Rjuvik sign for our land.
    Andien- I, Bannier Andien, do swear in my name and the name of all my
    descendants to the words put forth by this treaty. I swear to always look
    first to my true people in Rjurik.

    So be it, this is signed before the High Druid of Erik
    Oaken Grove of Erik-

    (25/7 - Halskapa) The new ruler of Halskapa, Ranulf Askrsson has
    commissioned a statue of the late king Bervinig. The statue will be erected
    in Manclaw Square, which Shall be renamed Bervinig Square to commemorate
    his Rule. According to the head of our northern office, which is near the
    square the statue is one of the old king in his younger year to remind the
    people of the king in his prime.

    (30/7 - Hogunmark) The queen of Hogunmark has created a new unit of
    soldiers, known as the The Northern Road Guard. These new troops will
    patrol the road from Aaldvika to Veikanger to protect against raids from
    the Blood Skull Barony to the south. Southern merchants have welcomed the
    move as it protects their caravans of goods that are becoming all the more
    common in the northern lands.

    (3/8 - Siren's Realm) A massive attack has been launched by several Rjurik
    lands to attempt to destroy the Awnshegh know as the Siren. A fleet of
    ships has set out from Svinik, Stjordvik, Rjuvik and the Anuirean realm of
    Talinie carrying troops to invade the Siren's Realm.

    (5/8 - Siren's Realm) The invasion fleet has landed in the Siren's realm,
    but already things have not gone well for the Rjurik kingdom so far. The
    Siren was apparently warned of the attacks and was ready as the fleet
    approached. The small fleet attacking Dantier Island has been either
    captured or sunk and at least one ship is now in the hands of the Siren.
    Elsewhere the invaders have landed successfully and offloaded their troops.
    They only faced resistance in two provinces, Gigha and Port Helen. On Gigha
    they quickly crushed the Siren's forces and have now taken the province. In
    Port Helen however the invading troops have encountered the main army of
    the Siren. Two units of the army fell in battle before the badly
    outnumbered forces were able to flee back to their ships and escape.

    (12/8 - Siren's Realm) The province of Gigha has been retaken by the Siren
    after her fleet crushed the small Rjurik force that had been left to
    protect the island province. It is believed that only one ship of the
    Invading fleet has managed to escape after the Siren used her Awnshegh
    abilities to kill the sailors on the ships she is attacking. In the
    province of Newtonor and Callanlars the invading forces are unopposed and
    they have begun the task of destroying the Siren's holdings in those
    provinces. In Newtonor however there is still some resistance from the
    Siren's servants who are based in the villa known as Siren's Cry.

    (23/8 - Siren's Realm) After another two weeks of battle inside Callanlars
    and Newtonor province the invading army has been defeated badly by the
    Siren and the and her soldiers. The cost to her lands have been high
    though. In Callanlars her holding have been totally destroyed and she has
    lost many hundreds of her own troops which will hurt her realm for years to
    come. The invading fleet was able to escape by ship after most of their
    more than two thousand troops have been killed.

    (9/9 - Svinik) Several of Svinik's Jarls have been captured and killed by
    the Siren in response to the attack on her kingdom by Svinik and the other
    members of the newly created alliance. The holdings once controlled by the
    Jarls have now been claimed by the Siren. How she did this is not yet
    known, but it is believed that she may have sent messages to each of the
    Jarls, and the King inviting them to meet in the south. Why the Jarls would
    go to meet with an Awnshegh has not been explained.

    (23/9 - Rjuvik) Here is an important speech recently given by King Fulgar
    of Rjuvik

    "To The Rulers of Rjurik and Cerilia,
    I am Fulgar, Lord of Rjuvik. I have tried to make my land a peaceful.
    First, with the signing of the Treaty for a greater Rjurik land. But, also
    I have held out my hand in peace to other rulers that most would not, and
    these lords have have returned this peace. Look well at all that I have
    tried to do in my short time as your brother. Now I must bid you
    good-bye. I have been a sailor all of my life and the sea beckons me each
    night. So I shall answer her and return to that which I love. In my stead
    I place the Lady Dagmar as Ruler of Rjuvik. She has been my loyal friend
    for many years and she cares deeply for this land she will now rule. She
    will continue to follow in creating a peaceful and strong kingdom. I ask
    you all join us in the Coronation
    and Investure in the month of Keltier.

    By your leave,
    Lord Fulgar The Bold, Captain of Norvald's Bane"

    (30/9 - Siren's Realm) The following public statement has just been sent to
    our northern office in Halskapa by agents of the Siren.

    I, The Siren, have words that must reach the ears of all, even in the
    far realms of Anuire. Till this past season, I was to enjoy a treaty with
    Bannier Andien, a guilder of good repute. But a turn of events showed this
    disgusting man's true nature. My nation was attacked early this season by
    the combined forces of Svinik, Rjuvik, Stjordvik
    and Talinie, led by none other than the treacherous Bannier Andien
    himself. My realm would have been destroyed and my people decimated save
    two of his children found it their personal responsibility to tell
    me of their father's treachery as they could not stand his lack of honour.
    With the information supplied, I quickly erected a defence that many
    regents would be hard pressed to match. This should leave the repugnant
    alliance in shambles with me in a position to counter strike into the
    hearts of these fiends. I advise all knowing that Bannier Andien is a
    treacherous louse that you do not ally with this man, even if a few of his
    offspring are more courageous and honourable than most men. From within
    the ugliest weeds to blossom the most beautiful flora.
    I pray to the good regents of the nations in both Anuire and Rjuvik to
    thwart the repulsive Bannier Andien and the countries that support him. Two
    of which are almost destroyed as of now and another of which is crippled.
    Though my forces are run thin and ragged from trying to defend myself and
    my officials from the cruel onslaught brought by these evil men, and any
    regent with a noble heart and a righteous soul willing to speak with me
    about my plans of counter offence would be more than welcomed.

    In Melody, The Siren

    Several parts of the statement have already been discounted by the kingdoms


    (1/7 - Rohrmarch) Our new Brechtur offices have now been opened in the
    Rohrmarch city of Kiedel. However due to the current battles going on in
    Kiergard it is not possible for us to report on all the happening of
    Brechtur. We will however attempt to rectify the situation soon.

    (2/7 - Rohrmarch) An official statement was released by King Alaric about
    the recent disappearance of the army from Nunkappel province.

    "Fear not my fellow country men and women. Thy loved ones will be back
    soon. They are gone but not forgotten, on an unpredictable assignment. Take
    heart and fear not.

    Alaric I"

    True to the king's word the wayward troops did return to Rohrmarch later
    that month. Nothing has been released about where the troops have been
    leading some to speculate the they were on a secret mission for the king,
    maybe even aiding Sendoure in their invasion of the Harrowmarsh.

    (24/8 - Muden) The King of Rohrmarch, Alaric I has been in Muden over the
    past week meeting with the count about the situation currently developing
    in Kiergard. It is believed King Alaric was seeking an alliance with Muden
    with the aim of assisting the rebels in Kiergard with either troops or
    Money. Count Richard Talbehr however did not agree to this proposal, saying
    later that he did not wish to risk the lives of Muden citizens on a suicide
    mission into Kiergard. King Alaric has now left Brechlen on his way home,
    via the burrows, and as he left the two rulers promised to talk further on
    the possibilities of an alliance with the hope of including other nations.

    (3/9 - Massenmarch) Karl Bissel, ruler of Massenmarch recently announce
    that any guild who did not have his permission to carry out trade with his
    kingdom, or through his kingdom. He said that he had recently heard that
    some guilds were transporting goods through his kingdom without the
    permission of the minister of finance and invited these guild to either pay
    a fee to the Massenmarch treasury or be stopped from travelling through his

    (20/9 - Kiergard) In the latest report from Kiergard the rebel forces have
    taken placed more lands under their control. Already Torinaur is under
    their control, but now their forces are moving into Auchsward, Mekisburg,
    and Coulibaird provinces. The Gorgon and his allies have so far thrown
    little in the way of troops against the rebels, but they may be about to do
    so. Reports from the north speak of a massive force gathering in the
    province of Daubreisch. With troops coming from Markazor and the Gorgon's
    Crown to the north to join the Kiergard army there is thought to be as many
    as forty thousand troops troops gathered to wipe out the rebel forces. It
    is even said that the Gorgon himself has left his capital and has now taken
    command of his troops in Kiergard.


    (4/7 - Sendoure) The Emir of Sendoure recently released this statement
    about his invasion of the Harrowmarsh.

    Loyal Residents of Sendoure,
    You have no doubt heard of and witnessed our recent actions against the
    known as the Hydra. Sendoure has gained control of the province know as
    Falls in the Harrowmarsh. This province has been fortified and will act as
    a buffer be-
    tween our realm and the Hydra's. You have also certainly heard of the
    reward that I
    have offered on the Hydra's head. This creature must be destroyed, and I
    will gladly
    give the reward to any who can slay the beast. Also, be wary of man who
    has been
    seen in the Harrowmarsh and the surrounding areas who call himself the
    Hydra. He
    dresses in reptile skins, and is a known bandit and thief. This man is to
    be arrested on
    sight, and if you do see him, alert the local constable.

    Long Live Sendoure

    (23/7 - Sendoure) Part of the Harrowmarsh has now been taken over by
    Sendoure after a ceremony in the province last week. Named Sodden Falls the
    new province is currently being cleared of bandits and other criminals to
    make room for new Sendoure settlers who wish to move to the province.
    Although it was part of the Harrowmarsh Sodden Falls is mainly dry land and
    not swamp like the rest of the Hydra's Domain.

    (16/8 - Zikala) Zikala has retaken the province of Khoused province from
    the Ariyan troops stationed there. The forces have been forced to flee to
    Binsada and Zikala now occupies the land. Already the Zikalan forces have
    been busy destroying the holdings of Ariyan Temple of Avani and other
    Ariyan holdings in the province.

    (14/9 - Ariya) Ariya and Aftane have signed a peace agreement after the
    Ariyan troops were defeated the Aftane forces besieging the capital. It is
    believed that in return for a large payment to the Aftane treasury that
    kingdom has agreed to withdraw from Ariya immediately. This is a
    surprisingly peaceful settlement to the war which is most unexpected by
    many in the region as it appeared that Aftane was close to defeating all of
    Ariya. Already the Aftane troops are withdrawing from Ariya and is expected
    that by the end of the week the province will be free of enemy soldiers.

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    Newspaper Issue 32

    I've read the issue ... I still don't know what turn this is, or the
    info on Ariya ... If my missed turn(s) has caused too much trouble,
    should I consider PCing another land ... Also, should other PCs be told
    that I was absent for awhile ...

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