Ross M. Simmerman wrote:

> I've just begun to look the boxed set and was wondering which of the
> domains
> might be closest to a "Celtic/Germanic/Norse" like origin if any. I
> noticed
> some of the domain names appear to be Germanic in origin.
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As you will find in the books (and everyone who answers this question),
all three of the cultures you mentioned are present in Birthright. The
Rjurik are very Norse in character, the Brecht are Germanic, and the
Elves have a celtic flavor. Notice the card in the boxed set that has
the names on it. There are also other aspects of these Birthright
cultures as well. Also, the Vos have a Russian/Mongolian flavor and the
Khinasi are modeled after the Arab culture. Obviously, the Anuireans
are English/French. I hope that this helps bring Cerilia even more
alive for you.