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Thread: BR Novels

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    BR Novels

    At 09:02 AM 9/26/97 -0500, Bill Seurer(billseurer@VNET.IBM.COM)wrote:

    >I am wondering which of the BirthRight novels people think are good for
    >getting the feel of the world AND WHY. I've read The Iron Throne and
    >The Hag's Contract. Are any of the other books worth reading?

    Don't miss War, or The Spider's Test, both are very good books. Just
    remember we are talking about TSR novels here, *none* have ever been great
    literature, but the BR novels come as close to it as their books get. And
    you can't beat them for the background they give.


    "War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
    the province of life or death;
    the road to survival or ruin.
    It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
    -Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

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    BR Novels

    To continue this thread does anyone know if the novel "The Sword and the
    Falcon" was ever released. It has been advertized but none of my
    bookstores have it.

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