Ok I did make an error, there were Adurians at the battle of Deismaar.
They had to be there so they could be slaughtered by the elves when they
changed sides.

Because of this I have made a slight change to part of the info I posted
earlier for the unblooded regents of Aduria. Add this to the top of the
page. I will update the info on my webpage so you can get a correct copy

"As part of a new description of the Adurian lands I am working on I
needed to come up with rules for Unblooded
regents, for few of the warrior's from Aduria present at Deismaar,
survivied the battle and most of the rest were trapped in Anuire after
the mountain was destroyed and either killed or remained in Cerlilia.
Only one or two survived to flee south into the old empires once more
and these warriors, tainted with the blood of Azari were slaughtered
later by the countrymen. These rules can also be used in Cerilia if you
wish, but the people of Cerilia who are used to blooded ruler may not
accept one who lack the bloodline of other rulers. "

The result is much the same though so the rest of the rules are still

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