Greetings Sepsis,

>Welcome to the List. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. We will
>do our best to help out with what we can. But first off let me suggest you
>pick up copies of Abominations, Legends of the Hero-Kings, and one or two
>Player's Secrets. With the boxed set, that will give you a nice "core" to
>start a good campaign.

Thank you for the welcome. I have looked at the books you mentioned above
while searching my local hobby shops for the actual campaign boxed set. I
finally found it after checking two hobby shops and three other retailers of
roleplaying games.

I've just begun to look the boxed set and was wondering which of the domains
might be closest to a "Celtic/Germanic/Norse" like origin if any. I noticed
some of the domain names appear to be Germanic in origin.

>Well enough of my "nickel's worth of free advice." Again its good to have
>you with us, and jump in anytime.

I appreciate the suggestions and ideas. I have run everything from Greyhawk
to SpellJammer from TSR, with the worlds of Oerth, Krynn and Toril being my
favorites (in that order) thus far. I look forward to making BirthRight fit
in there in my top four list. :)

Looking forward to more discussion, comments and input. Good to see some of
the creators/authors of the products like Ed here.

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