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It is situated just south of Mieres as mentioned below and future
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to the west.

I don't have a map avalible yet, but if I get the time I will create one
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The notes on unblooded regents that I posted today are part of the info
on Aduria I am writing and can be used with the empires I will be

I am basing most of the on kingdoms from a AD&D world I created several
years ago and have lots of information for so you can expect 1 empire
each week if I get the time to work on them.

If you have any questions or comment about these empire please mail me
as I do have quite a bit of info piled up around the place for each of
these kingdom, even more than I am posting here. I have converted my
original written data to the same format as the Ruins of Empire book,
and in fact have more info on my kingdom than the ones in the boxed set,
although I don't have any maps yet, well actually I have hand drawn maps
but no computer version yet.

For my pbem players these empires are not avalible in the game, although
they do exist and limit how far you can expand by building new provinces
in Aduria.

Hmm that about it I think, enjoy

The Empire of Suakien

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Status: Recommended

Province Law Temples Guilds Sources
Majenta (1/5) - EOM (0) - -
Farwood (1/6) SS (1) EOM (1) GS (0) -
Korogo (0/5) - - - -
Suakien (3/4) SS (2) EOM (3) GS (2) -
GS (1) STA (0) - -
Gambela (0/5) - - - -
Bagusta (1/4) - - - -
Murel (2/4) SS (1) EOM (1) GS (1) -
GS (0) STA (0) - -
Qabbii (1/4) STA (1)* STA (1)* STA (1)* -
Desert's Edge (0/5)* - - - -

* Fortified holding

Abbreviations: EOM = Eloele of Mieres (Sarae Somellin); SS = Sarae
(Suakien); GS = Gael Somellin (Suakien Outfitters); STA = Suakien temple
Azari (Lativus the blind).

Province/Holdings: This relatively new empire is ruled by the high
priestess of the temple of Eloele from Mieres, currently the young Sarae
Somellin who has recently taken the throne after her mother was killed
while abroad in Aduria. Some in the palace even say that Sarae hired the
assassins that killed her.

* Law: Both Sarae and her sister Gael seek to control the law. In the
province of Qabbii the Suakien temple of Azari has total control,
often defies the Empress.
* Temples: The Eloele of Mieres has been the state religion of this
ever since Sarae's mother Danniene conquered the land nearly twelve
years ago. The Suakien temple of Azari was driven from many of the
provinces but still has influence based around its monastery in
* Guilds: The Empress's sister Gael controls most of the guilds of
kingdom, although she gains little support from her older sister.
* Sources: No wizards have ventured south into Suakien yet, although
Mieres is not too far to the north and Mhistecai, the wizard of
land may one day venture south to take control of Suakien's

Regency Generated/Accumulated: 28/79
Treasury: Suakien currently has over 20 GB's saved up and generates
20 GB's each turn before maintenance.

Army: Suakien's small army consists of 3 units of Infantry and a unit of
cavalry. The empire also owns an Anuirean Caravel and an Adurian war
galley. Most of these solders and ships are kept at the capital,
the cavalry is occasionally used to maintain order in the outer

Regent: The current regent is Sarae Somellin (FA; Pr 4, Eloele; An,
28) who took the throne recently after her mother was assassinated while
a diplomatic mission to the great city of Aduria. For the past eleven
the high priestess of the temple of Eloele has ruled this land. Her time
divided though between her land in Suakien and the large number of
the EOM holdings in the Anuirean colony of Mieres which is only a short
distance to the north
Sarae only recently joined the priesthood after her mother insisted that
least one of her daughters follow her in worshipping Eloele. Although
is not always a particularly faithful priestess, breaking her vows on
several occasion Sarae is an excellent ruler. In the two years since she
has taken over the empire has expanded to take in three new provinces
still maintaining its holdings in Mieres.
Sarae is know as a careful planner and never makes a move without first
thinking about its consequences. She also behaves similar to the way she
rules and is careful to always think before she speaks. In meetings with
other rulers she also appears very intelligent, and has never been known
lose her temper. She always travels with a large personal guard, so what
happened to her mother will never happen to her.

Lieutenants: Sarae doesn't often rely on others to do her work and has
lieutenants or advisors. In fact the only person she depends on at all
Lord Elam Greggor (MAd; F5; Unblooded), general of Suakien's army. He
has a
lot of power in the less civilized provinces where often his cavalry is
only law to be found. He is totally loyal to the Empress though and
never betray her.
The same could not be said for Sarae's sister Gael (FA; T3; An, minor
who still blames her for the death of their mother. Although in public
two appear to be friend in private Gael has nothing to do with her older
sister, and can not bear being near her. As a result she spends much of
time outside Suakien or in the southern city of Morel, where she has a
large estate.

Important NPCs: There are two important NPC apart from those mentioned
One is Lativus the blind (MAd; Pr, Azari; Unblooded) an exile from the
Aduria, the great southern city which the entire continent is named
It is thought that he was once a centurion in the emperor's army but
to kill his superior. He is said to have been blinded for his crimes and
left for dead in the desert. What happened to him after this is not
but he claimed to have been saved by Azari himself and sent north to
establish a new temple. This he did and he now controls a fair portion
Suakien's temples. The church he founded over thirty years ago is based
Qabbii province in an old fort that Lativus has converted for his own
>From this base of power he control much of the surrounding lands, often
levying his own taxes and tariffs on the people of Qabbii. The province
still controlled by the Empress, but so far she has been unable to
Lativus from his position of power.
The second important NPC is Acrius Justivist (MAd; F12; Az, tainted 3).
one of the few blooded Adurians he wields a fair bit of power within
Suakien. Once he was a mercenary general fighting in the never ending
between the empires of Aduria and Nehalim, the two great powers of the
south. He grew weary of the constant fighting though and feeling a
urging in his blood he set out for the north to seek his fortune. After
several years he has made his way north to Suakien and is currently
passage further north to Cerilia. Trained in the tactics of the south he
hopes to gain employment with on of the Cerilian rulers. His skills
be of great use to any Cerilian ruler who employed him as he knows
that have never been seen before in Cerilia.

Description: Suakien is a small empire right at the top of what is known
Aduria. Once long ago it was an outpost of the Adurian empire, but
corruption and war at home force the Adurian troops to leave for home.
Since then the small town of Suakien has just survived, farming what
land could be found and fishing the seas for food. Until recently
and the smaller Port Murel had both been claimed by the empire of
to the south, although the southern empire did little to place its claim
the land.
The people of Suakien are mainly Adurians, although many Anuireans have
moved there recently following the invasion by the Eloele of Mieres. As
there is little suitable land for farming the people of Suakien exist
mainly on fish and livestock. Locals trade leather, meat, and other
products as their principle source of income, although recently there
been a move by the Empress to encourage mining in the mountains to the
north (Known as the Northern Fangs by Suakien). This has provided
source of income for Suakien, gold. Large deposits have recently been
in Korogo province, just over the border from Brenlie in Mieres and if
Anuirean nation find out about it there may be trouble. The province of
Farwood is also now being exploited for its lumber and Farwood trees
recently been used to construct the new Galley that now sits in the
at Suakien City.
As Eloele is the major goddess of the people thieves are well
in Suakien and every most towns and even the villages have a small
guild or organisation. Thievery is not the only aspect of the religion
however and the people of Suakien the night is a special time for many
Suakien. Most festivals and celebrations take place after dark with the
streets of the cities magically lit up thanks to the priest of Eloele
several magicians that live in Suakien city.

Provinces: Suakien is made up of 9 provinces.

* Korogo (0/5): This northern province is just over the border from
Mieres in the hills south-west of Brenlie province. It is made up
mainly of rough hills and the land rises as it heads north towards
mountains of the Northern Fangs. The province is almost
although a small mine with about 400 miners has recently been set
in the province. These miners have discovered large deposits of
and the Empress is currently deciding if she should announce the
leading to a rush of prospectors to the province, or keep it a
and keep its income to herself.

* Majenta (1/5): This hilly province is also covered with large areas
forest, from the woods that run south from Mieres then west though
Farwood province into Majenta. Small streams leading down from the
Northern Fangs make this province one of the best places to live in
all of Suakien. Currently however only a few small settlement have
been founded in the province. Farmers in this province provide food
the southern provinces and the mines in Korogo to the west.

* Farwood (1/6): This forested province is the only large source of
timber in Suakien. With much of the rest of the kingdom being
grassland or desert, Majenta is very important to Suakien. It lies
south-west of the Mieres province of Dhalier and a rough track lead
through the forest north to Mieres. The road is used little however
the two lands do not trade with each other. Several streams from
Northern Fangs combine here to create Suakien's only river the
which then heads south towards Suakien province.

* Gambela (0/5): South of Korogo this province is inhabited by only a
few herders and little else. It is claimed by Suakien because of an
important feature. Once long, long ago Suakien was the northern
outpost of the Andu tribe and the remains of one of their
remains to this day in Gambela. The ruined city is thought to be
haunted and avoided by all sensible people. Adventurers have
large amounts of treasure and gold can be found in the city, at
those who return report this.

* Bagusta (1/4): This province is situated in the centre of the other
eight Suakien provinces. It is used as a cross-roads by travellers
from the other provinces and several taverns and inns can be found
the small town of Nogustyt. Roads lead from the province to Suakien
the east, Majenta to the north and Qabbii to the south.

* Suakien (3/4): This is the largest province in the empire. It is
one of the most habitable and hold the capital, Suakien City. A
port city Suakien has grown considerable over recent years since
EOM have taken control of it and the rest of the empire. Before it
little more that a fishing village, but now ships leave for Mieres
the north and Bir-Warqu and Lindos to the south. It has the
to become one of the great cities of northern Aduria as a
between Anuire and Aduria. This has not happened so far however
because the rulers of Anuire seem suspicious of any traveller from
south for some unknown reason. A large palace and temple to Eloele
currently under construction. to be called the palace of the
night it will be the seat of the Suakien government as well as the
main temple of Eloele in the empire. With the night goddess the
goddess of the people, many celebrations and festivals take place
after dark. The most popular of these is the Dusk of Winter
which is held once a year. During this time the temple of Eloele is
lit up with hundreds of multicoloured light spells and free food
wine is handed out to the people. The city is build at the point
the Sarae river reaches the sea and the some in the province are
constructing plans to use the short river to irrigate the rest of
province and provide food for the people of Suakien. Road lead out
the province to Farwood in the north, Bagusta in the west and Murel
the south.

* Desert's Edge (0/5): In the far south west of the empire is this
desolate province. Uninhabited except for a small fort that is used
Suakien to fight off the occasional raider out of the Adurian
to the west of the empire. In times of trouble the fortress is
with two units of infantry and are careful watch is kept on the
western border.

* (Qabbii (1/4): In the far south of the empire this province has
one important feature in the middle of desert and grasslands that
dominate mush of south-western Suakien. It is the small town of
Qabbii, built around one of the few hills to be found south of the
Northern Fangs. On the hill is built an ancient fortress, one that
some even say was built by the Andu before they fled north. Who
build it this fortress has now been claimed by the Suakien temple
Azari who rule over the surrounding land and the town below. The
is mainly made up of followers of Azari and their families and has
grown recently as the religion has gained acceptance in Suakien and
Bir-Warqa to the south.

* Murel (2/4): The most southerly of Suakien province Murel is a
province that has almost doubled in size over recent years. The
of the Empress, Gael has an estate here and also owns a large
of winery's and vineyards in the province. Over recent time Murel
become famous as a wine producing area with Murel wines sold as far
south as Aduria itself. A small port, called Port Murel is the
provinces only large town and home of several small merchant ships
that carry barrels of wine south to Lindos which is the closest
port to Suakien.

Allies: Suakien has few true allies. Only Lindos to the south could be
called any sort of an ally, although the high priestess retains a good
relationship with the governor of Mieres.

Enemies: Just as it has few allies, Suakien also has little in the way
of enemies. Perhaps the only real threat comes from Bir-Warqu to the
Bir-Warqu once claimed the city of Suakien and are still a little upset
about the priestesses of Eloele claiming it. Another enemy, one which
threatens all of the east coast of Aduria is the Adurian Wastes to the
west. This vast realm of desert and badlands is home to many monsters,
humanoids and bandits. Occasionally raiders from the wastes move into
Suakien, but never in living memory has a large force come out of the

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