I am going to be starting a campaign set in northeastern Brechtur soon
and one of my players pointed out a problem (or maybe it's a "feechur")
on the maps: the Klessberg. It is described as a glacier but the
terrain that the Klessberg covers wouldn't form glaciers except in the
western area. The whole eastern part should probably be a tundra. Did
someone goof in designing this area? Should there be mountains all
along the northern coast? And please, no handwaving excuses about "it's

BTW, the names of some of the Brectur provinces are pretty funny when
you translate them from German to English. "Frog palace" and "three
weasels" indeed! The German-English mishmash of other names is kind of
jarring, though, and makes them almost as hard to pronounce as the
bizarre names in Anuire.

I am wondering which of the BirthRight novels people think are good for
getting the feel of the world AND WHY. I've read The Iron Throne and
The Hag's Contract. Are any of the other books worth reading?

The Iron Throne was OK but there were a few things in it that I REALLY
didn't like. Every so often you'd hit something where game rules were
gratuitously thrown in (like the explanation of mages forgetting
spells). If he had completely left that stuff out the book would have
read smoother. It was almost like, "Well, this is a book set in an AD&D
world so I've got to put some of this in there."

I thought The Hag's Contract was much better other than the couple of
"random encounters" that really didn't have much to do with progressing
the story (e.g., the bear).

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