At 09:48 PM 9/25/97 -0500, Ross Simmerman(
>A long time player/GM since 1979-1980 with AD&D and other game systems. I
>finally acquired BirthRight campaign today after acquiring the computer game
>"The Gorgon's Alliance" just over a day ago. I bought the campaign to learn
>more about how to play the computer game better (as the tutorials are good,
>but too slow for me.. :) )
>Anyways, looks good and I am pleased to still be interested in AD&D after
>all these years. Especially since I also play/GM about 13 other game
>So, if anyone would like to talk about RPGs and tell me more about
>BirthRight or has an opening in a PBEM, lemme know. :)

Welcome to the List. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. We will
do our best to help out with what we can. But first off let me suggest you
pick up copies of Abominations, Legends of the Hero-Kings, and one or two
Player's Secrets. With the boxed set, that will give you a nice "core" to
start a good campaign.

After a while you will also want to check out the Campaign Supplements like
Cities of the Sun, and the Rjurik Highlands. As this series of mini-boxed
sets give detail to the other regions of Cerilia. And if your thinking of
any published adventures look at all of them, as each has something worth

Well enough of my "nickel's worth of free advice." Again its good to have
you with us, and jump in anytime.


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