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>I just picked up KotGD last night and am nearly 75% through the book.
Excellent job! I am really enjoying the reading and seeing all kinds of
possibilities for the area. In particular, the Rjurik aversion to magic
seems to be a hinderance in the area, and perhaps a subtle, quiet
practitioner could greatly benefit the area.
>I think your book is exactly what Birthright has been needing. It
provides enough detail and ideas that the people who may have misunderstood
Birthright initially can see that there is plenty of room and need for
adventurers, and tons of stuff to do even for the non-blooded characters.
Nice Job!

Thank you! That was the plan. I kept hearing great stories from people
about how their characters were taking over realms or forming blocs of
control, but nobody was saying ANYTHING about long-term adventuring. I hope
KotGD inspires that.

>My only complaint, and it is a MINOR one, is that the black printing on
the black and white pages is difficult to read on the lower parts of the
page where the type overruns the graphics. Such is life!

Yeah. You're right. I'm pretty sure we'll have the problem corrected in the

>Keep up the good work!

Thanks again.
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