Ed Stark wrote:
> That reminds me ... anyone picked up KING OF THE GIANTDOWNS yet? As the
> author, I'm interested in some feedback.
> (bracing himself ...)
> Ed S.

I haven't had time to read over it yet-funny how school gets in the way
of important things :). I did like what I had time to see. I like how
there are so many different adventure catches involved with the
supplement, it seemed like there were more there than in some of the
domain sourcebooks. If you keep writing them, we'll keep buying them!

I seem to have misplaced my list of releases for the next couple of
months. Can someone help me out? I was also wondering if anyone has
heard about release dates for next year. I also want to throw in my two
copper pieces in on the Map CD.

Thanks for listening
Sir Spud I