Source Potential & Terrain Effects

Here is an updated table listing each terrain type with its source
potential, maximum level, and movement cost. I though it would be a good
idea to gather all the information together in one table to make it
to look up.

This table is also useful if you are converting another world to
rules, or deciding on provinces for Aduria.

Province Maximum Movement Source
Type: Level: Cost: Potential:

Plains 10 1 5
Low Hills 9 2 5
Highlands (High hills) 8 2 6
Forested Hills 7 2 6
Low Mountains 7 2 7
Medium Mountains 5 3 7
High Mountains 3 4 9
Forested Mountains 5 3 8
Light Forest 8 1 7
Ancient (Elven) Forests 6 2 9
Swamp 6 2 8
Marsh/Moor 6 2 5
Steppes 6 1 5
Tundra 2 2 6
Glacier 1 4 7-9
Desert 3 1 5

Additional source bonuses for creating new provinces.

* Add a bonus to sources of +1 or +2 for Rivers passing though
as they are a good source of mebhaighl. The size of the bonus
on the size of the river and the amount of the province the river
passes though.
* Also add a similar bonus for coastal plains provinces (e.g. Endier,
Anuire) as the seas are Mebhaighl rich and can be harnessed by
in coastal provinces. Some tales even speak of sources avalible
beneath the sea and harnesable by those creatures that live beneath
the waves. Most mages dismiss this as fantasy though.
* Glaciers are also extreamly magic rich, although most of the known
glaciers are rated as a level 7 source there are thought to be even
more powerful source in Thaele or even further north into the cold
land of ice where no Cerilian ventures.
* Addition source bonuses can be added if the DM wishes.
* A source can have a maximum level of 10.

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