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    Map of Muden Petition

    At 08:36 AM 9/24/97 +0800, Brett Lang(
    >Yeah, lets petition sombody ! But who? What's everyone ideas about who we
    >can pester about this?

    Send *individual snail-mails*(no petitions)to:

    Wizards of the Coast
    PO Box 707
    Renton, WA

    Be sure to write "ATTN: Peter D. Adkison", on the outside of the envelope.


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    Jim Butler

    Map of Muden Petition

    Stephen Benz wrote:
    > > I would buy a CD with maps and an editor. Thats an excellent idea. We
    > > should get some other email address and names of people that would be
    > > interested, and mail them to TSR. Sorta like a petition. Tell me what
    > > you think...

    I think it's a wonderful idea as well. ;)

    Good Gaming!

    Jim Butler, Electronic Games Coordinator
    Wizards of the Coast

    TSR's Homepage:
    Wizards' Homepage:

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    Map of Muden Petition

    If they did that, my group of players would buy 6 copies minimum.

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