At 12:39 AM 9/23/97 -0300, David Sean Brown(
>Not to get off topic, but where does it say this..I had thought our
>discussion was based on the fact the rule was never "written in stone" or
>the rulebook :)

Ooops...This is what I get for playing "Gorgon's Alliance" too much. In the
CRPG this is very much "set in stone". But I believe your right, in the
Rulebook(from the boxed set)I don't think it is clearly stated. And I long
ago started using the house rule that allows different Guilders to link
their GHs with TRs, as well as linking those owned by only one. so I must
have been confused. Sorry. But now that Mr. Stark has returned to the List,
maybe he will be kind enough to clear this up. :)


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