5th-/6th-level Dwarf Fighter/Priest of Moradin

Str: 17
Dex: 16
Con: 18
Int: 12
Wis: 16
Cha: 14

AL: NG THAC0: 15(12 w/"Thunir")
AC: 3 #AT: 1
HP: 49 Dmg: 1d4+5(w/"Thunir")
MV: 6

Bloodline: Anduiras, Minor, 18
Blood Abilities: Iron Will, Healing

Weapon Pro: Warhammer, Light Crossbow, Dagger, Short Sword
Non-weapon Pro: Read/Write(Dwarven, Anuirean, Rjuven), Speak(Dwarven,
Anurian, Rjuven), Endurance, Survival(Hills/Mountains)

Equipment: Balktol wears a suit of well worn Chainmail, and he always
carries a Warhammer +3(Dwarven Thrower)he calls "Thunir". He also carries a
fair amount of gear and other weapons to help him survive in the wilds he
usually calls home.

Description/History: Balktol is a stocky 4 foot tall Dwarf, who weighs 225
lbs. While still a fairly young Dwarf, being only 59 years old, his short
cropped hair and beard has snow-white hairs peppering the entire coal-black

Ever since he was a small child Balktol has been different, in many ways,
from other Dwarves. His father was a member of the Royal Guild of
Sharpshooters in Baruk-Azhik, and many expected Balktol to follow in his
fathers bootprints. But no matter how hard his father impressed the glorys
of battle on Balktol, he could not be swayed. More interested in learning
then fighting Balktol became a member of the Reverent Brotherhood of Moradin.

Unfortunately this did not fulfill him either. While Balktol loved his god,
he wanted to learn of other cultures. After studying them as much as
possible, within the church, Balktol suggested bringing the glory of
Moradin to the Human people. This way the Humans could learn the true way
of the universe, and the Dwarves could learn more about their bizarre
society. This greatly disturbed his superiors, and Balktol was ordered
never to reveal the secrets of Moradin to outsiders. To help insure his
silence Balktol's superiors sent him to a remote Temple deep under the
mountains of Baruk-Azhik.

Loyal to his Brotherhood, Balktol did as he was ordered and served in the
small remote shrine with only two other Dwarves to keep him company. The
other Dwarves were extremely elderly, and dour to the extreme. Balktol did
not like their company and so he spent much of his time alone. Aside from
the worshipping area of the shine there was not much in the area. Ruins in
the surrounding caves lead many to believe that this place had once been a
great Temple in the center of a massive Dwarven city. What had happened to
that city was (and still is) a total mystery. So when not dealing with the
rare pilgrim that had come to the shrine, Balktol searched through the
ruins looking for clues to what had befallen the once great city. It was
during one of these excursions that Balktol came upon another Temple. It
was much smaller then the one that was still being used as a shrine, and in
total ruins, but something drew Balktol to search it.

Inside beneath the crumbled altar Balktol found something that would set
his life on a new course. Crushed to near dust was the remains of a
skeletal Human, pieces of rusted armor still clung to a few bits of bone,
only the skull was completely intact. That and one other thing, still
clutched in a few finger bones was a magnificent Warhammer. As Balktol
lifted the hammer he could feel the power of it coursing into him. With a
cry he felt a word burn its way into his mind, it was a name, it was
Thunir. "The strength of lightning" in the old tongue. After regaining
himself, Balktol returned to the body. From the looks of the armor, and
bones, it was obvious that the remains had been there for a very long time.
Balktol wondered what a Human was doing this deep within Dwarven lands, so
long ago. It was then Balktol realized that this event was a sign from
Moradin, a sign that he needed to know more about the Humans.

Without saying a word Balktol gathered his belongings, and took off toward
the surface. He came out of the caverns near his home, but instead of
saying good-bye, he headed toward the north. Without thinking Balktol
wandered away from the Human populated lands, and into the wilds.

Balktol struggled to survive, he wandered for over six months fighting off
Orogs and scrounging for food. He eventually strayed into a Dwarven
homestead in the Giantdowns. The Dwarves there helped him recover, and get
proper equipment. Balktol took this as another sign from Moradin, and he
began wandering the Giantdowns preaching to all (regardless of Race) that
he meets. On occasion Balktol will wander into Dhoesone; living with, and
preaching to, the Humans living there. He has had some success with Humans
living in the more rugged parts of the country, but overall he has made
little impact.

During his stays with the Humans, Balktol learns everything he can about
Human customs, and their lands. But after only a few days Balktol longs for
the hills and mountains that he loves, and he returns to the Giantdowns. He
has lived like this for the past five years. Balktol is certain his people
believe him dead, and if he thinks to long on it he becomes very remorse.
So he always tries to busy himself with his primary tasks, staying alive,
spreading the word of Moradin, and learning all he can about Human culture.
Balktol is certain one day he will have a great success and only then will
he even consider returning home. He awaits the next sign from Moradin to
let him know when he has made this great achievement.