James Abbiati wrote:
>1. Does a thief have to own both guilds to establish a trade route
>them, or can two different owners set up a trade route?

You will undoubtedly be quoted many different house rules on this topic,
as it has been much debated here, but according to the rules: No. You
only need a guild to construct the TR start province.

>2. The RP's derrived from a holding are based upon the class of the
regent. If
>a PC priest owns a law holding (therefore gaining 1/2 RP's) and he
wanted to
>ally himself with the warrior in the party (who would gain full RP's
from the
>law holding), and the warrior agrees to give the priest 1/2 the RP's
>from the law holding, how would the 2 PC's go about cementing this

Investiture ceremony.

>3. Can a law holding in a province tax every eligible holding in that
>each turn (i.e. tax the temple, guilds, and the province at the same

Law holdings really only can do Law holding Claims, not taxes. Taxes are
levied upon a province by a ruler; the level of law simply indicate how
much the ruler can get away with before morale drops through the floor.

>4. If a warrior regent changes class to become a thief (duel class
>does he gain all the benefits of both classes are far as being a regent
>Another words, can he collect full RP's from both law holdings and

By the rules? Yup. Once he equals or exceeds his old level, of course.

>5. In our campaing, we have 4 players sharing rule of Roesone. 3 players
>control 1 province each, and 1 player is the Baron of Roesone, controls
>province, and has all the other provinces vassaled to him. The
characters are
>mosty all good, consisting of a priest (the baron), a warrior, a ranger,
and a
>thief. The priest owns quite a few holdings, whereas the other PC's own
>2-3 small holdings each. The first time we played, some players took the
>attitude that BR is a board game, and the goal was to control as much as
>possible, even at the cost of other PC's. Others looked at it as a
>rule under a high king" kinda thing. What stratagies would you recommend
>order for the players to jointly rule Roesone under the Baron PC, and
keep from
>stabbing each other in the back?

It's a pretty dangerous world and if the PCs only have a handful of
holdings each, they should get eaten alive unless they band together.
Individually, they are quite weak compared to Ghoere, Diemed or even El-Hadid's
Port of Call... Common enemies...

- -DE