Anuirean Journal - Issue 31 (Summer/574 MR)

A Vaumel Publishing Production.
Edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
12 Coin Street, Market District, Anuire City.

Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Bards.
Printing By: Royal College of Sorcery
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Haelynir - Deismir 574 MR


(15/4) Medoere criticizes Diemed after recent OIT action.
(26/4) Aftane launches surprise attack on Ariya.
(5/5) Tuornen becomes Avanil's Vassal.
(30/5) Caliedhe Dosiere calls for an end to fighting in Anuire.

North West Anuire:
Includes: Boeruine, Tuornen, Alamie, Talinie, and Rhuobhe's Domain.

(14/4 - Alamie) Peace has finally been declared between Alamie and
after Duke Alam and Duchess Flaertes signed a treaty in the neutral
of Mhoried. This is good news for the people of Alamie after there
suffered many losses from the Tuornen counter attack during the war. No
word has yet come out of warded province of Deseirain, although there
recently some talk in Alaroine of an army of undead ravaging the
countryside. No one has been able to enter or leave the province to
this though.

(21/4 - Boeruine) Aeric Boeruine has continued his warnings about
Manslayer. The Archduke now claims that the forested province where the
Elven lord makes his home is so crowded that no more Elves could
live there. Archduke Boeruine has said much in the past about the threat
posed by Rhuobhe, but has never been as vocal as he has recently. Even
Prince Avan has begun to take notice of the threat, recently promising
more troops would be devoted to guarding against Elven attacks into
in the future. The Archduke has also withdrawn his threat to Avanil over
the occupation of Baerghos Island after it was discovered that the
kingdom of Diemed had in fact claimed the land. Other regents are
to claim part of the new province with several temples and guilds
to move into the newly settled land.

(29/4 - Talinie) The following has just been announced by the Thane of
Talinie, Marcus Dern

The province of Greensward has been declared a sanctuary to wildlife and
nature. All Talinien citizens currently living in Greensward will be
relocated to the Ice Haven province at the cost of the Crown. The new
preserve will serve to foster nature in the realm and will be a place of
solitude for the priests of the Northern Imperial Temple.

Following the announcement soldiers of the Talinie army began the task
moving the entire population of Greensward province to Ice Haven.
a task such as this will never be truly complete it is expected that
two month only a handful of people will be left in the province. This
leaves the province almost empty and some people are wondering why the
Thane as done this as it seem to serve no purpose. The people of the new
sanctuary do not seem overly concerned, surprisingly. Most have accepted
the move peaceful some even welcoming it. This may be because they will
moved to a more prosperous land and given houses and farms in Ice Haven
replace those taken from them in Greensward.

(5/5 - Tuornen) It has just been announced that Tuornen is entering into
vassalage arrangement with Avanil to ensure the future success of the
kingdom. In recent years Tuornen has been subject to several invasions
surprise attacks from Alamie and Cariele in particular. To ensure the
survival of the kingdom it ruler, Laela Flaertes has decided to become
of the greater kingdom of Avanil. Tuornen will remain a separate state,
will pay its taxes to Avanil and will now be protected by the large
army. Tuornen now joins Taeghas which has a similar arrangement with
Avanil. already there have been some changes with the small army of
now wearing the uniform of Avanil. Prince Darien Avan is expected to
with Laela Flaertes later this month to finalize the agreement. Already
some other rulers have complained about the new arrangement, Boeruine in
particular. According to Archduke Boeruine he is most upset and said to
seeking alternate proposals to counter this Avanil expansion.
Other regents have been more supportive however. When questioned at his
temple in the Tuornen province of Tuor's Hold the high priest of the
Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn had this to say.

I, Rhobher Nicholier, High Priest to Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn,
decree Prince Avan the new and official ruler of Tuornen. The WIT
the actions and goals of Prince Avan. People of Tuornen need not be
any longer, for we are now in the arms of the true ruler of Anuirea. I
seen the signs in the stars telling that Prince Avan will set on the
Throne becoming Emperor of Anuirea.

(13/6 - Tuornen) Darien Avan has sent his army north to the Tuornen
province of Ghonallison, where the Cariele army is still camped.
to our agents the prince has given Mheallie Bireon until next month to
remove her troops from Tuornen soil or face the full might of Avanil's

South West Anuire:
Includes: Avanil, City of Anuire, Taeghas, Brosengae, and Mieres.

(12/4 - Brosengae) The Brosengae government has constructed a new
lighthouse in the province of Bindier. This new structure is thought be
magically enchanted stones, and a large mirror to produce a beam of
light which shines out over the water each night. According to the
of Brosengae the lighthouse has been built to help travellers find their
way to Brosengae's ports during the dark, cloudy nights that occur often
the straights. Sailors and merchant captains have welcomed the new
lighthouse, predicting that it will cut ship losses in the waters off

(30/5 - Imperial City) Caliedhe Dosiere, chamberlain of Anuire has
on regents throughout the empire to put down their swords and take up
shovel of peace that he is offering. In his recent speech at the Royal
College of Sorcery annual awards night he spoke for a long time on his
displeasure at listening to the recent talk of war and violence that he
heard throughout Anuire of late. He also offered to assisting any
which was seeking to expand its population with new settlers from the
Imperial City. It seems that recent population growth in the city has
to overcrowding and the Chamberlain is seeking a regent who is willing
offer money to entice some people to leave and settle in new lands,
bringing the population down to a more manageable level. This
has also lead to a recent crime wave, although the Chamberlain assures
that this offer is not an attempt to get rid of unwanted criminal, but
rather to give the poor of Anuire City a new chance in a fresh town or
city. Interested regents are invited to talk to Caliedhe Dosiere, as
as possible. This is expected to be a limited offer as a new expansion
planned for the Imperial City will provide land for new homes. This
expansion will not be completed for at least another years though and by
then the population crisis may have got out of hand.

(17/6 - Avanil) Following the arrangement with Tuornen, officials in
have announced an easing of some tariffs in the kingdom. The foreign
tax which was applied to all imports from Tuornen will be lifted,
it will still apply to other kingdoms, not part of the Avanil family.
to be removed is the road toll which was collected on some of Avanil's
roads. With the payments Tuornen will be making Avanil for the
of the mighty armies of Prince Avan this tax will no longer be needed.

Southern Anuire:
Includes: Diemed, Medoere, Roesone, Ilien, Aerenwe, and the Spiderfell.

(8/4 - Ilien) Tension appears to be high in the region around Medoere
this season. Here is part of a speech recently given by the High Prefect
the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn, Hubaere Armiendin.

"It seems that the insanity of the evil Lenviath da Enlien of Medoere
spread to Baron Kawn of Roesone and King Swordwraith of Aerenwe. I have
always respected the rules and decrees of these two regents; When the
of Aerenwe decreed my preachers in his lands a danger to national
safety, I
obeyed and withdrew my faithful even though I found the decree
and rather odd. When the Baron of Roesone said he would not accept any
of religious strife in his provinces, I spared the RCS from the fury of
holy knights. But now, in the name of the Silver Ring, the Medoere
has tricked Roesone and Aerenwe into defending his realm from the
surrounding nations that Medoere has plagued for so long. I beg the
of Roesone and the King of Aerenwe to respect your own decrees and the
peace between us, and listen to reason. I do not want my priests to
against you, but how can I not, when the infidel RCS spreads it's long
fingers deep into Roesone where my temples currently preach of peace and
prosperity? It's a criminal act to allow the spreading of this Rournil
disease, and I cannot allow it to happen. Neither can my many allies; We
want Lenviath da Enlien judged by the Holy Sword of Haelyn for his
and evil deeds. I can only pray his manipulated vassals, Roesone and
Aerenwe, will realize their own folly in defending this bully and join
Anti-Medoerean Front in our quest to bring down the High Priest of the
And we ONLY want the High Priest! I beg you not to stand in our way. You
cannot win this war, anyway. Help us and end it quickly. Otherwise it
cost the lives of countless young men and the grief of thousands of
families. I think the Eastern Temple of Nesirie, a temple to the goddess
sorrow and grief and wife to Haelyn, will - or at least should - support
in this. Or have they been corrupted by Medoere as well? What a tragedy
waste that would be...".

This announcement has followed the closure of several small shrines to
Rournil in Roesone after priest from the dominant IHH temples harassed
priests of Rournil, and any who attempted to worship at their shrines.
constant din of chanting priests of Haelyn outside their temples has
the Rournil priest to pack up and return to Medoere.

(15/4 - Medoere) The high priest of Rournil's Celestial Spell, Lenviath
Enlien has launched a stinging attack against the priests of the IHH and
Diemed, claiming that both were guilty of evil crimes against the true
and would suffer for their actions. He has not backed his words with
actions however and his soldiers still remain within the borders of
Medoere. It seems that the Medoere government is cautious about
an attack on Diemed due to the recent alliance between that kingdom and
Avanil. The high priest did say however that a response would be
until he had had a chance to consult with his ally in Roesone. With
Kawn of Roesone, currently on a tour of the northern kingdoms it is
expected to be several months before this consultation can occur.

(14/5 - Aerenwe) A new university is now being built in the Aerenwe
province of Halried. It is believed to be a twin of the university in
Calrie province, but will teach different disciplines of knowledge than
more religious passed studies offered in Calrie. At the announcement of
building construction King Landen had this to say.

"People of Anuire,

I am proud to call to Aerenwe the most studious scholars, historians and
scientists. No more will Aerenwe be just a base of religious studies, it
will also be a base for every subject and matter to be discussed. I
open the Twin University of Halried where various disciplines will be
taught, from philosophy to sciences to history. It will also have an
enormous library for every scholar and common man can read what he or
wants. I hope everyone can enjoy its resources.

King Landen Swordwraith of Aerenwe and Ynis Craven"

The king also announced at the same ceremony that once the university
complete he would be sending his own son to study there, to teach him
way of leadership necessary for a time when he will rule the kingdom.

(24/6 - Aerenwe) At a recent meeting in Aerenwe King Landen Swordwraith
passed on this message to us.

"People of Anuire,

There as been some rumours that I am a ruler that fails to keep his
promises, regarding the recent troubles with the Church of Storm's
in the island of Caelcorwinn, now known as Ynis Craven. The Anuirean
Journal even stated this. However, I write this to prove those rumours
wrong. When I turned the Spider River Traders into officiallity, I
that the enterprises that currently had any guild holdings in my kingdom
were allowed to remain with them, if they could defend themselves in
contest with the other guilds (I would not shield anyone).
This was not to be applied to law holdings. By having a law holding in
Craven the CSH was directly defying my authority. However, I did not
any moves to violently close down the holding, nor did I decree that it
to be closed, despite the CSH's current involvement with Baron Ghoere.
that I did was to increase MY influence in MY kingdom's island. Nothing
more. I never promised the CSH anything where it's law holding was
concerned. However, it's guild holding is free to remain there.

King Landen Swordwraith of Aerenwe and Ynis Craven."

Central Anuire:
Includes: Endier, Ghoere, Mhoried, Elinie, and the Gorgon's Realms.

(12/4 - Mhoried) At a ceremony yesterday a formal peace treaty was
between Alamie and Tuornen, bringing to and end their costly war which
lasted for nearly a year now. Both the rulers of the two warring nation
praised the efforts of the Mhor in bringing about the peace settlement
pledged to do their best to prevent the fighting beginning again.

(3/5 - Kiergard) The rebel forces inside Kiergard have grown stronger
the past few months. Our sources now report that the province on
has fallen to the rebels and they are moving into Coullibraid province.
still have no information about who is supplying the Rebels with troops
money for weapons, but it is unlikely that the would be able to do as
as they have so far without help.

(19/6 - Markazor) Spies inside the Gorgon's vassal of Markazor report
large numbers of Goblin soldiers have been seen moving east away from
border with Mhoried. This has made the generals in Mhoried happy, but is
unlikely to be good news for the rebels in Kiergard as it is likely that
they are headed there.

Northern Anuire:
Includes: The Five Peaks, Thurazor, Cariele, Dhoesone, Tuarhievel, and
Rjurik Lands.

(14/4 - Cariele) More rumours have surfaced about the ruler of Cariele,
Mheallie Bireon. It seems that it is now being claimed that Mheallie
has made a secret alliance with Cluminie Dhoesone to take over the
of Dhoesone and bring it under her control. This is unlikely to be true
however as both of the Dhoesone wizards are known to be very devoted to

(15/4 - Thurazor) Another message has been found posted throughout
Thurazor. It is from Karl Two-Toes, head priest of the Goblin's Triumph

"Karl two-toes has decided that the Goblin's Triumph will follow the
of building colleges and universities. Therefore, he will oversee the
construction of the College of Goblin's Triumphs. courses will include
Dwarf tossing, Dwarf gutting, Etiquette when having friends for dinner,
Silly jokes about Haelyn, Belching druidic prayers, and noises that
with Eric. May goblins from across the land gather to learn and be
So grunts Karl two-toes."

(7/5 - Stjordvik) Guthrim Haraldson, one of the Jarls of Stjordvik has
forced to flee the kingdom after government troops invaded his holding
after he was declared a traitor for consorting with Anuirean wizards.
is what Stjordvik's ruler, Gundred the Strong, had to say on the matter.

"For the good of the people of Stjordvik, especially those here in
Hollenvik, I formally remove the Jarl known as Guthrim Haraldson from
office. The Crown will confiscate all holdings belonging to this
and see to their management. Those Jarls who think they can put their
ambitions before the people of Stjordvik will learn that foremost, the
safety of the people of this Kingdom comes first. To this end the Crown
will do all that it can to guarantee that Stjordvik will remain a strong
and free people. To celebrate the new beginning of a strong nation, I
announce that a celebration will be held throughout Stjordvik, a
celebration of renewed strength and unity."

(28/5 - Cariele) Rjurik raiders have raided the province of Riverford
sailing their small vessel up the Ruide River. They managed to ransack
several small villages and make off with a considerable amount of
before the Cariele army arrived to hunt them down. The raiders however
it back to their boat and were able to escape with most of their
This is the first time in many years that raiders from Rjurik have
lands in Anuire and may be part of a new trend.

(8/6 - Hogunmark) This notice has been recently posted in Hogunmark.
an agent from that northen kingdom asked that we pass on the message to
southern rulers and guilds

"Let it be known that all the citizens of Hogunmark can sleep a
sounder at night. With the new road that has been completed our armies
quickly travel from one end of our realm to the other. All the people
Hogunmark are free to travel this road as they will, and all northern
merchants are free to use this road as a means to transport their
However, any merchants from the southlands shall pay to the kingdom of
Hogunmark 1 gb per month for use of the road. This toll will be used to
help maintain the condition of the road and to help supplement the
who be stationed on the road to protect its
Her Divine Majesty
Freila, Queen of Hogunmark

Some guilds have already rushed to take control of the trade in the
especially Bannier Andien who's guild Andien and Sons appears to have
control of large amounts of the northern trade.

(19/6 - Svinik) A large force of vessels and troops recently set sail
Svinik for the south, although where they are bound is not known. It is
believed that four ships set out with as many as a thousand soldiers and
marine troops on board.

Eastern Anuire:
Includes: Osoerde, Coeranys, Iron Hills, Sielwode, and Baruk-Azhik.

(4/4 - Iron Hills) The Iron Hills has announced a new tariff that will
applied to any merchants using the only road that travels through the
mountains from west to east. The tariff will be paid by travellers at
Gate of Lyssan the massive fortress that blocks the only pass through
mountains of the Iron Hills. The money gathered will be used for the
of the road to Rohrmarch as well as for the expansion of the track that
leads north to Baruk-Azhik.

(12/5 - Coeranys) The following statements have recently been sent to us
from our office in Coeranys.

"Eluvie Cariele, Duchess of the Coeranys, is pleased to announce the
appointment of her new Foreign Affairs Minister, Seriena Larien. Seriena
will be working to ensure the comfort of foreign visitors and to make
feel welcome during their stay in the Coeranys."
"From the 9th to the 17th of Erntenir, the Coeranys will celebrate a
long Harvest Festival. Brewing competitions, baking competitions,
of garden produce, grains and animals will also be done. In conjunctions
with the Harvest Festival, singing, dancing and feasting will take place
throughout the land. Clerics will give thanks for the abundance with
we have been blessed."

(26/6 - Osoerde) The church known as the One True church of Vosgaard has
now ended it involvement in Osoerde. It seems that their presence was
welcome and their temples have now been taken over by the Church of

Includes: Rohrmarch, Coullabhie, The Burrows, Ariya, Binsada, The
Aftane, Sendoure, The Tarvan Waste, Zikala, and Mesire.

(26/4 - Ariya) Aftane has launched a surprise attack on Ariya. The
forces crossed the border into Ariya while the Ariyan forces were
for another attack on Zikala. A large force, including desert nomads
the Tarvan Waste has now move quickly into three Ariyan provinces and
crushed all opposition that was there.

(6/5 - Ariya) It seems that the Red Kings themselves have lead the
into Ariya and that at least three of these mysterious rulers of Aftane
have been seen with the army that is currently marching on the city of
Ariya itself. We have now received reports that as many as eight
soldiers may be in the army heading for Ariya.

(8/5 - Rohrmarch) These messages was recently posted throughout
by one of the guild there.

Due to the statement made by the Sayer of Coullabhie we the members of
Royal Frederick Foresstannen Guild urge the Crown to stop its expansion
into the forests of the Coulladaraight

I offer the reward of 10,000 Gp's for the head Wilhelm Klink. He was
a trusted member of the Royal Frederick Foresstannen Guild but he saw
to steal from us. He is 45 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches tall, balding
gray hair and wears a monocle in his right eye. He is very cleaver and
resourceful so he might have altered his appearance. I would prefer him
alive and undamaged when delivered to us.

Also in Rohrmarch the King Alaric I released this message.

Dear People of Rohrgaard,
I know the burdens of the heavy taxes fall heavy on the shoulders of
and rich man alike. Trust me if I say that I have felt the belt tighten
have you. To relieve some of this tension, I have called for the
festivities around the wedding of my son. I have heard some doubt that
marriage will be good, or if it would better suit less civilized lands.
me tell you, in times of need, some actions viewed upon as strange in
normal times are permitted to end the crisis. As it is with this
I hope this will end the debate which has torn our dear country apart
so long, and the fact that the newlyweds are related on distant lines
not be of trouble to it. If you hear any man or woman speak evil of this
marriage I advise you to tell him or this and let them know that the
himself would like to speak with them to ease their grievances. I will
a special day at my court from now on every third month, where every man
and woman from the country can come to their palace to relieve
of mental burdens. My scribes will take care of your complaints, which
they are severe enough, will be broad to my personal attention by
They will escort you to my chambers so you can speak with me personally.

This was given to one of our agents who was there to cover the recent
wedding of Alaric's Son Siegfried and Selma Oden, daughter of the late
Pieter Oden, prince of northern Rohrmarch. The wedding itself was a
traditional Rohrmarch ceremony, conducted by Delma Flussen, high priest
the Haelyn's Warrior's temple. Many of the nearby rulers attended
the king's of the Iron Hills and Baruk-Azhik and the Queen of Binsada.
Following the wedding a large celebration was held where food and drink
provided to all the people of the city of Kiedel who gathered along the
streets to watch the wedding party pass along to the temple.

(19/5 - Ariya) Aftane has besieged the city of Kouzir after a short
The walls of the city are holding though an it appears that Aftane lacks
the siegecraft skills to take the walls with artillery or other siege
engines. It is now believed that the invading army will leave some
behind to besiege the city while moving the rest toward the larger city
Ariya, where most of the Ariyan army are gathering.

(25/5 - Ariya) The Aftane army, numbering maybe seven thousand has
the city of Ariya itself. The defending army put up a brave defence, but
was unable to defend against such a large and experienced army, and hove
now been forced to flee behind the city walls, much as those soldiers in
Kouzir did. The remaining Aftane forces, numbering maybe four thousand
gathered around the city, just outside of arrow range. The bodies of
six thousand soldiers lie on the sands outside the city and are slowly
being buried by the Aftane soldiers.

(9/6 - Sendoure) It seems that the recent invasion of the Harrowmarsh by
Sendoure may not have been successful as originally thought as the ruler
that kingdom, emir Beysim ibn Faroud el-Duatim, has now offered a reward
20,000 gold for anyone who can slay the Hydra.

(29/6 - The Burrows) A festival has been held in the Burrow's province
Ample on Hillsfair just recently. Attending this celebration were many
the rulers of the surrounding kingdoms including regents from as far
as Rohrmarch, and even Baruk-Azhik.