Hi folks,

I just joined the list, and just started playing BR this week. I have been
playing AD&D for about 17 years, so TSR roleplaying is not foreign to me, just
BR is.

I am not the DM of the campaign. The DM is not on-line so I was voted the
"gatherer of new information and rules clarifications".

I have a million questions, but here are just a few to start. If these seem
trivial to those of you experienced in BR, please respond to me personally so
as not to take up list bandwidth. Thanks for the help!

1. Does a thief have to own both guilds to establish a trade route between
them, or can two different owners set up a trade route?

2. The RP's derrived from a holding are based upon the class of the regent. If
a PC priest owns a law holding (therefore gaining 1/2 RP's) and he wanted to
ally himself with the warrior in the party (who would gain full RP's from the
law holding), and the warrior agrees to give the priest 1/2 the RP's generated
from the law holding, how would the 2 PC's go about cementing this

3. Can a law holding in a province tax every eligible holding in that province
each turn (i.e. tax the temple, guilds, and the province at the same time)?

4. If a warrior regent changes class to become a thief (duel class character),
does he gain all the benefits of both classes are far as being a regent goes?
Another words, can he collect full RP's from both law holdings and guilds?

5. In our campaing, we have 4 players sharing rule of Roesone. 3 players
control 1 province each, and 1 player is the Baron of Roesone, controls 1
province, and has all the other provinces vassaled to him. The characters are
mosty all good, consisting of a priest (the baron), a warrior, a ranger, and a
thief. The priest owns quite a few holdings, whereas the other PC's own maybe
2-3 small holdings each. The first time we played, some players took the
attitude that BR is a board game, and the goal was to control as much as
possible, even at the cost of other PC's. Others looked at it as a "collective
rule under a high king" kinda thing. What stratagies would you recommend in
order for the players to jointly rule Roesone under the Baron PC, and keep from
stabbing each other in the back?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Jim Abbiati