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    Joel Parrish

    Cerilian Astronomy

    Doesn't it say in the Ruins of Empire book that Haylen's constellation
    appeared shortly after the battle of Deiismar, sorta like Haylen taking
    his place in the heavens. That would mean that this new constellation would
    be named after him, whereas the other constellations would be named after
    older, pre-Deiismar figures and events.

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    Cerilian Astronomy

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    > Okay, one thing, I'm not sure if Aduria is in the Southern hemisphere on
    > Aebrynis. Why? Just by going from the map of Cerilia. I don't remember the
    > exact dimensions, but it's something like 27 inches East - West, and 19
    > inches N-S, with 1 inch = 50 miles. So, all of Cerilia is about 1000 miles,
    > N-S. If you assume that the northern lands are about touching the artic
    > circle (which is a reasonable because they are cold), the southern part of
    > Cerilia must still be pretty far north. (Unless Aebrynnis is smaller than
    > Earth, that is).

    I think that it could be a warm stream form the very south that goes up to the
    Khinasi-land. That could explain the heat (like the golf-stream).


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