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    Mark A Vandermeulen

    Cerilian Plane info (Was Half D

    On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Jeremy Reaban wrote:

    > 2) Are there any other planets in the solar system Cerilia's planet is in?
    > 3) I take it the Moon is like our Earth's Moon? Similiar size and
    > appearance?
    > 5) What are the stars like?

    Incidentally, if you're interested, the Birthright designers were making
    some noises at GenCon this year about doing something with astrology and
    Cerilia. It seems that astrology may have important effects in the plane,
    because it seems that the patterns of stars and conjunctions of planets
    may have something to do with how "close" the Shadow World is the the
    plane of Aebrynnis. Thus a good court astrologer may help you to predict
    where and when the next plague of undead are going to attack your realm.
    If they do decide to go with this idea, expect the info in the Shadow
    World supplement when it comes out sometime in the next couple of years.

    Mark VanderMeulen

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    Cerilian Plane info (Was Half D

    In a message dated 97-09-19 01:58:04 EDT, you write:


    I noticed mentions of Aebrynnis in Ruins of Empire, Cities of the Sun, and
    Havens of the Great Bay.

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    Brenda L Santer

    Cerilian Plane info (Was Half D

    Jeremy asked:

    >Out of curiousity, what product is Aebrynnis mentioned in? I've been trying
    >to figure out some astronomical things for Cerilia/the Birthright universe,
    >and it sounds like there might be some answers out there.
    >My main questions:
    >1) Is Cerilia on a planet, right? Does it revolve around the Sun, or vice
    >versa (like in Greyhawk). And anyway, what's the name of the planet? (In my
    >campaign, I've just been calling it 'Earth' - unoriginal, but good enough)

    (snipped a whole lot of interesting questions.)

    Jeremy these are some tings I have bee curious about too but I don't have
    any definitive answers except for the first one.

    Aebrynnis is mentioned as the world on which Cerilia is a continent in the
    Planescape book On Hallowed Ground in the section on the Cerilian pantheon
    so despite Bearcat's ealier comment about Aebrynnis being the plane that
    Cerilia is on, Aebrynnis is the name of the planet. It is also named on
    page 3 of the Ruins of Empire book.

    Sorry to be of no help with the other questions, but my specialties are
    sociology and psychology, not astronomy, so maybe someone else will help
    with the rest.

    Brenda Santer:


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    Cerilian Plane info (Was Half D


    It is also mentioned specifically in the Planeswalker's Hand Book

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    Ed Stark

    Cerilian Plane info (Was Half D

    At 11:51 AM 9/20/97 -0300, you wrote:
    > On Hallowed Ground in the section on the Cerilian pantheon
    >so despite Bearcat's ealier comment about Aebrynnis being the plane that
    >Cerilia is on, Aebrynnis is the name of the planet.

    The section of ON HALLOWED GROUND that refers to the Cerilian pantheon
    deals only with the Cerilian pantheon, not any other deities of Aebrynnis.
    What gods may be linked to the peoples of Aduria, Thaele, or the other
    continents of the world has not been revealed yet.

    Ed S.
    BR designer (finally back on the mailing list)

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