Out of curiousity, what product is Aebrynnis mentioned in? I've been trying
to figure out some astronomical things for Cerilia/the Birthright universe,
and it sounds like there might be some answers out there.

My main questions:

1) Is Cerilia on a planet, right? Does it revolve around the Sun, or vice
versa (like in Greyhawk). And anyway, what's the name of the planet? (In my
campaign, I've just been calling it 'Earth' - unoriginal, but good enough)

2) Are there any other planets in the solar system Cerilia's planet is in?

3) I take it the Moon is like our Earth's Moon? Similiar size and

4) Are the days shorter than ones on our Earth? I'm wondering because
there are 388 days in a Anuirean year, and if they aren't shorter, it means
Cerilia's planet is further out than our Earth (at least, if the Sun's are
similar, which they probably aren't).

5) What are the stars like?

That's it for now. In my Anuire City side campaign, one of my players runs
an astronomer character, and he'd like to know, especially since he just
built a telescope. I could give my opinions, but I'd like to get them
somewhat similar to the offical version. I've been thinking about some
Galileo type scenarios, where he gets in trouble with some of the bigger

Although one more thing - in Ruins of Empire, it mentions that the
coldest month occurs right after the winter solstice. Does this mean that
the planet Cerilia is on doesn't have large oceans? On Earth, because of
the oceans tend to store heat, the coldest month doesn't usually happen
until a couple months after the winter solstice (ie, Febuary), because even
though the Earth gets the least amount of sunlight around the solstice,
it's still got heat stored up in the oceans.

Kind of like a refrigerator - when you unplug it, it doesn't instantly
get cold, it takes a while. Then when you plug it in, it doesn't cool
instantly, it takes a while. But, if it doesn't have huge oceans, this
effect won't be so noticible, which is as Ruins says.