I WOULD love the Ecel Spreadsheet you mentioned below. Could you mail me a
copy of it?

At 11:56 AM 6/24/97 -0900, you wrote:
>I've just been reading the messages of last week and came accross a
>number of complaints about the practicality of the Blood Powers chart.
>Furthermore there were some questions about using the Skills & Powers
>I agree that when using this system the racial points of demi-human races
>have already been used. But the priests of the different faiths can be
>accomodated in the system, by using the expanded rules in the magic
>expansion book (sorry I forgot the name). some of the priesthoods have
>points left to spend others will have to take some pretty hefty penalties.
>I've been using Skills & Powers from the start in my campaign and I like
>it becuase of the way the non weapon proficiencies are worked out.
>Okay the players can generate pretty hefty characters, but I don't mind
>that, the way I see it the Blood that runs through them is a
>justification enough for a bit more powerful character.
>Anyway since I'm an orderly kind of guy I've got an Excel 5.0 spreadsheet
>with contains:
>1) worked out blood powers tables for the Different
>Derivations (BE included) these come in 2 formats the first is
>sequential, the second a truly random listing
>2) Tables of the spells of the different religions
>3) Skills & Powers conversion of the Priesthood
>4) And a lot more tables from the original setting.
>If anyone is interested in this file they can mail me at:
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