Anuirean Journal - Issue 30 (Spring/574 MR)

A Vaumel Publishing Production.
Edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
12 Coin Street, Market District, Anuire City.

Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Bards.
Printing By: Royal College of Sorcery
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Sarimiere - Roelir 574 MR


(12/1) War between Alamie and Tuornen ends.
(19/1) Wizard summons Undead plague in southern Alamie.
(27/2) Serpent attacks Zikala and Ariya fleets.
(4/3) Cariele invades Tuornen, takes province of Ghonallison.
(13/3) Cariele army defeated in Monsedge.

North West Anuire:
Includes: Boeruine, Tuornen, Alamie, Talinie, and Rhuobhe's Domain.

(3/1 - Boeruine) Archduke Aeric Boeruine today expressed concern about
recent increase in the number of Elves in Rhuobhe Manslayer's domain.
the past year Rhuobhe has managed to almost double the number of his
followers. The Archduke said that it was likely that Rhuobhe was
planning a
major assault on one of the nearby kingdoms, but he said that Boeruine
more that ready to fend off any invasion by a few Elves.

(12/1 - Alamie) It seems that the war between Alamie and Tuornen might
finally be over after an official cease fire was signed recently. With
sides taking heavy loses it is likely that they have called off the
fighting to bring to an end the killing that has ravaged both kingdoms
much of the previous year.

(19/1 - Alamie) Caine, the wizard of Endier has cast a most horrible
on the Alamie province of Maesford, summoning the dead to do battle with
the Alamie mercenary army currently in the province. Using the hundreds
skeletons and zombies he had just created Caine set out to conquer the
province. The Alamie forces were just able to stop him, with the
of a large number of priests. Many people in Alamie are now calling for
Caine to be tried for his evil crimes against the duchy. Even Darien
has been heard to comment that if Caine was found within the borders of
Avanil he would be arrested and turned over to Alamie authorities.

(14/2 - Boeruine) The northern Imperial Temple of Haelyn has increased
following in Boeruine over recent month, as the expense of the Hidden
Temple of Cuiraecen. As the NIT now has the support of the Archduke as
as many of his nobles it looks likely that many of the people of
are now following their lord's lead.

(4/3 - Tuornen) In a lightning fast attack two days ago Cariele has
moves a
massive army of mercenary soldiers into Tuornen and already the province
Ghonallison has fallen. It seems that the regent of Cariele, Mheallie
Bireon was angry about the recent attacks on her holdings in Tuornen by
Royal Brosen guild, Tuornen and the Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn.
following short statement was released by Mheallie Bireon before the

I am proud to be the most powerful Guilder of all Anuire, and if
anybody oppose me, like Tuornen, they will suffer my anger.

(14/3 - Tuornen) The large Cariele army that invaded Tuornen last week
just been defeated in the province of Monsedge. The combined Tuornen and
WIT armies clashed with the Mercenaries of Cariele and after several
of fighting drove off the invaders. Although both armies were relatively
equal in size, Tuornen was vastly superior in magical strength and the
combination of powerful priest and wizards drove off the invaders. A
number of prisoners were taken by the Tuornen army after the battle,
the remaining Cariele forces have fled back to the province of

(30/3 - Boeruine) It seems that some kingdom may have recently taken
control of Baerghos Island. This information surfaced after a recent
expedition by the Boeruine People's Guild discovered a large fleet and
soldiers based on the island. Archduke Boeruine said that Avanil must
taken control of the island to use it as a secret staging point for an
invasion fleet. He said that unless Avanil removed its soldiers from the
island he would send the Boeruine fleet to invade and retake the island.

South West Anuire:
Includes: Avanil, City of Anuire, Taeghas, Brosengae, and Mieres.

(26/3 - Brosengae) An expedition sent to Baerghos Island by the
of Brosengae has vanished. This follows reports in other lands of an
gathering on the island.

(31/3 - Avanil) The Duchess of Tuornen has been in Daulton this week
talking with Prince Avan. What was being discussed has not been released
us but rumour speak of Tuornen offering to become a vassal of Avanil in
return for the protection of the Avanil army.

Southern Anuire:
Includes: Diemed, Medoere, Roesone, Ilien, Aerenwe, and the Spiderfell.

(9/2 - Aerenwe) There has been more trouble in the Aerenwe province of
Craven after King Landen of Aerenwe ordered his police there to throw
the influence of the Church of Storm's Height. King Landen has of late
removing any guilds or temples not currently allied with his government.
This is despite his statement of some months ago when he promised to
the holdings of other regents alone.

(12/2 - Diemed) It looks like there may be more trouble between Medoere
Diemed in the future as an ally of Baron Diem the Orthodox Imperial
of Haelyn used in newly created soldiers to attack the temple of
Celestial Spell in Moere province. The priest of Rournil have been
by the OIT knights and escorted off Diemed soil. The following statement
was released by the OIT.

"We have taken this action today to free the people of Moere from
the enchantments cast on them by the evil priests of Rournil from
Medoere. In recent months it has become obvious to us and others
that the priest of Rournil have been using magic to enchant their
worshippers. This is not something we, or any lawful religion can
allow. So to free the people we have used our new knights to
remove the evil priests from our kingdom. With any luck Medoere
will now realize that their presence is not welcome in Diemed and
will leave us and our people alone."

(23/3 - Medoere) The high priest of Rournil Celestial Spell has called
recent action by the Orthodox Imperial Temple of Haelyn a most evil act
has promised that Medoere will crush the OIT before the next year is
Soon after this statement the Medoere Government posted notices asking
new recruits for the army.

Central Anuire:
Includes: Endier, Ghoere, Mhoried, Elinie, and the Gorgon's Realms.

(23/2 - Endier) Endier has withdrawn its troops from Alamie and moved
to the protect the free city. Ghoere has also sent troops to protect the
city against any attacks from Alamie or other kingdoms. A statement was
released by Lauriel Kalien to explain her recent action.

I felt that it would be necessary to weaken Alamie enough so that
a peace agreement might be settled. I am back now, and ready to
face any wrath from Alam he might wish to visit upon me.

(12/3 - Ghoere) There has been more trouble in Ghoere between the
temple that make up that kingdom. This time it is the Militant order of
Cuiraecen that has been attacking an enemy temple. After some fighting
between the MOC and the Haelyn's Aegis temple most of the HA's temples
now been destroyed and their priests sent running from the temples. Once
again Baron Ghoere has taken no action to prevent this occurring and it
seems that he is continuing to take no action against any temple in his
kingdom and is staying out of religious conflicts.

Northern Anuire:
Includes: The Five Peaks, Thurazor, Cariele, Dhoesone, Tuarhievel, and
Rjurik Lands.

(14/1 - Cariele) A number of nasty rumours about the new ruler of
have been uncovered by you agents in that kingdom. It seems that many in
her kingdom are asking what has happened to the former regent Entier
Gladanil, who has not been seen in public since he handed over his
to Mheallie Bireon. Some rumours even say that he is dead, killed by
Another rumour that has been heard is that the recent missing money from
the Cariele Treasury has in fact found its way into Mheallie Bireon's
personal treasury.

(23/1 - Five Peaks) Several travellers that have recently been to the
Peaks have talked about a new structure called the All Seeing Eye. This
massive stone tower which is being built in the Five Peaks is said to be
controlled by the wizard known as the Eyeless One. Some are now
that the tower is in fact the wizards home.

(15/2 - Five Peaks) A recent traveller through Thurazor informed us of
notices that she say posted on trees in the Goblin kingdom.

"Let it be grunted that anybody in Thurazor that wants to worship
at another
temple 'sides the Goblin triumph shall be considered a dwarven
wannabe. And therefores
that dwarven wannabe will be treated like a dwarf. So Grunts
Kral Two Toes."

"All dwarves are now welcome to worship at the Goblin's Triumph
temples. They
must merely show a test of faith. The test involves tearing out
the intestines,
offering them as food to our wolves. If our wolves eat them,
then they are holy
and will be welcome to worship with us. So Grunts Kral Two

Eastern Anuire:
Includes: Osoerde, Coeranys, Iron Hills, Sielwode, and Baruk-Azhik.

(16/1 - Osoerde) A celebration has been announced in the Osoerde
of Gulfport after the completion of the new harbour in the province. The
new harbour will now be known as Stormlord's Haven and will be the home
port of the Osoerde merchant and navel fleets as well as the small navy
Ghoere which is based in Osoerde. Festivities that are planned include a
carnival and feast for the poor as well as a party for official from
Osoerde, Ghoere, and the Church of Storm's Height.

(19/2 - Coeranys) A new statue has just been constructed in the Coeranys
province of Bogsend. The statue is to commemorate the alliance between
Coeranys, Mhoried, Elinie, and the Life and Protection of Avanalae.

(2/3 - Osoerde) A notice has been posted throughout Osoerde a copy was
sent to our offices here in Anuire City and we repeat it to inform the
of Anuire.

Due to a recent problem with a murder of a citizen of Osoerde,
all foreign entrants will be subject to a search at the city
gates. If more action is needed, we may institute border
patrols. When the problem has been resolved to my satisfaction,
we may consider reinstituting free travels. Note that trade will
not be affected, travellers will not be hindered unless there is
a reason, and commerce will continue as usual. But I must take
action to insure the safety of our citizens and will continue the
searches as long as they are needed.

(4/3 - Coeranys) The duchess of Coeranys recently announced that a new
building in the capital of Rourven would be set aside for ambassadors
other lands. This new building is in the city proper and not part of the
castle and other government buildings.

Includes: Rohrmarch, Coullabhie, The Burrows, Ariya, Binsada, The
Aftane, Sendoure, The Tarvan Waste, Zikala, and Mesire.

(2/1 - Zikala) A message passed onto us by our agent Zikala has

Guilds operating within Zikala that do not make an immediate
contribution to the defence of the nation, in the form of either
GB or Troops shall be declared an ally of the Invaders from
Ariya. As a consequence of this, the offending Guild shall have
all assets within Zikala seized & be forbidden from future
operation within Zikala's Borders.

(7/1 - Rohrmarch) At the opening of the new merchant palace of Rohrmarch
this statement was released by the Frodrik Foresstannen guild.

"I would like to greet all of the people of Rohrmarch and my
fellow regents in attendance today. I am pleased to officially
open "Merchant Palace of Rohrmarch." This Palace is dedicated
to the people of Rohrmarch. It is dedicated to the merchants,
the labourers, and sailors that helped to get the money and
materials here to build this monument to Rohrmarch's future. The
Royal Frodirk Foresstannen Guild is dedicated to the citizens of
Rohrmarch and to this end I would like to make the following
The Royal Frodirk Foresstannen Guild is happy to announce that it
is forming the Merchant's Information Bureau. The MIB is being
formed so that the workers of Rohrmarch will have a place to
discuss their concerns about the the way the Regents are handling
the concerns of the people of Rohrmarch. In each of the
Provinces that my Guild has holdings we will be opening an office
for the MIB and I would like to ask my esteemed colleagues in the
merchant communities to do the same. In this way if a citizen of
Rohrmarch has a problem with my Guild, or does not believe that
the MIB is impartial, they can go to one of your offices to make
their concerns known. I encourage all the people of Rohrmarch to
visit the MIB if you think any Regent in Rohrmarch is not meeting
the needs of the the people of Rohrmarch, or if they want to see
a program that they like to be continued. At the beginning of
each season all the suggestions will be compiled and presented to
the Regents at the King's Court as well as being posted here in
this Palace. I do this because there are times when the Regents,
myself included, forget that it is they that serve the people of
a country and not the other way round. During the opening this
Palace I will be looking for a Scion, who can be impartial, that
wishes to oversee this labour for the people of Rohrmarch.
Thank you all for coming to the opening of the "Merchant Palace
of Rohrmarch."

(23/1 - Coullabhie) The Elves of the Coulladaraight recently released
statement through their embassy here in Anuire City.

"We the elves of Coullabhie will not accept the further
desecration of the forests of Cerilia. Those human realms that
use the forests with respect will be treated accordingly. Those
that do not will suffer. Our sources will be protected, and
those human realms that demonstrate an understanding of this, we
will aid to the best of our abilities."

(27/2 - Ariya) A battle between the fleets of Ariya and Zikala has taken
place of the coast of Zikala. Heavily laden Ariyan vessels clashed with
Zikalan fleet. Ariya did look like winning the battle before a large
of Serpent Galleys showed up and started attacking any vessel in sight.
seems that they were after the captain of a Anuirean vessel which had
detained by the Zikalan fleet. At the end of the fighting half the
and Serpent fleets had been sunk and had fled for safer waters. The
remaining Zikalan fleet remains stationed off the Coast of Alhazir
collecting what survivors they can find. It seems that the Ariyan
contained large numbers of troops and many of these soldiers now lie at
bottom of the ocean with the hulks of their vessels.

(2/3 - Rohrmarch) The following announcement has just been released in

General message to all who live in the lands of King Alaric I and
those of importance beyond this realms borders, listen! As was
announced some time ago, the Crown Prince Siegfried Behrenburgh
von Rohkiel and Princess Selma Oden, of the late Prince Oden will
be locked in marriage. The date for this magnificent marriage is
the first of Haelynir, at the splendid city of Kiedel in the
newly build Palace of Rohrmarch. At that date the high priestess
of the church of Haelyn's Warriors, Her Grace Delma Fussen, will
present the Prince and Princess the holy bonds of marriage by
Haelyn. All men, women, child, old or young, poor or wealthy is
invited to congratulate the newlyweds when they make a tour in
the city of Kiedel after the religious ceremony. All leaders of
temples, guilds kings and queens of near and distant lands are
invited for the ceremony itself. In the evening there will be a
banquet and dance for the invited women and men of high position,
while there will be a feast and festival for the common man and
woman who make our country so magnificent! This day, this very
festive day, is not only a day of a marriage, but also one of
healing. May the rifts that tore this country apart for so long a
time, be healed and bridged via this marriage. May the result of
that healing be a country which is stronger than ever and ready
to rebuild itself as a phoenix that rises from its own ashes to
be reborn as a more beautiful bird than it was before! This day,
every man and woman in the country is free of his or her duties.
No work shall be of thus importance that it cannot wait for the
day after. May every dwelling, village, town and city in this
fair kingdom make their own preparations for the feast, so that
not only the people of the city of Kiedel can rejoice in this
holy event!

(4/3 - The Burrows) After recent expansion the Breadfruit North-South
now has a stranglehold on all guild activity inside the Burrows. The
has also recent completed construction on a new headquarters, it was
the completion of this building that the following statement was
from the guilds leader, Jollid Innkeeper.

In view of current success and the completion of my new mansion a
festival will be organized in the last month of summer 574.
Everybody is invited to attend. Contests will be held in sword
fighting, sharp shooting, storytelling, wrestling, tracking,
drinking, eating etc. To celebrate this occasion further all
taxes that are normally levied in the Burrows in the summer will
be paid for by the North-South Breadfruit Guild.
Happy feasting to all of you Jollid Innkeeper.